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Diving Deeper + Who I Am

I am beginning to recognize who I truly am. Who am I, my Life goals, my deep loves and intense likes plus the style that fits me and brings me genuine peace. I never thought that owning our ownView full post »

Courthouse Wedding + Salt Water Bride

Aleksandra + Anthony Aleksandra and Anthony said “I DO” at Clearwater Courthouse on April 1st! There is something that is just so story line romantic about a courthouse wedding. A feelingView full post »

Stunning Bride + Strapping Groom Sneak Peek

Heather + Brad I promise to give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. I promise to share with you my time and my attention and to bring joy, strength and imagination toView full post »

Tiffany + Michael It’s Love Baby

Tiffany + Michael Tampa, its a city full of life; horns honking, people talking, Horn’s taking photographs, vendors yelling and children laughing. Yet a laid-back lifestyle graces the air. ThisView full post »

Engaged + He Asked… She Said Yes

Lauren + Steve Downtown St. Pete is one of our happy places. Brandon & I love Beach Dr. with all its cute little restaurants, art shops, street vendors and of course sweet treats shops. WeView full post »

Wedding Feature: Swooned Blog: Cara + Matt

If you ask my husband, I have a knee jerk reaction to grab my phone anytime it dings, beeps, chimes, chirps or rings. What can I say…I am a social media butterfly, if you will;-) I love stayingView full post »

Morgan + Joey Love & Laughter

Morgan + Joey The Largo Botanical Gardens were filled with laughter, fun, a game of “go fish” and tons of love this past week as we captured moments of Morgan & Joey in love as theyView full post »

Gorgeous Bride + Dapper Groom

Ally + David She is tall, slender and gorgeous, however, its not in the dress she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she styles her hair. Her beauty is seen in her eyes, her smile andView full post »

Best Friends + Romance & LOVE

Nissa + Justin The sun was playing peak-a-boo with the clouds on the first day of March. A cool crisp breezed kissed her cheeks as the sun hid for a moment. Then a tingle wrapped in warmth came toView full post »

Guys Fashion for Engagement Sessions

Well it is official spring is in the air and my allergies are making that very clear, or should I say foggy. I have even begun to think that my allergies are out to get me, especial as I hit my headView full post »

Featured: Occasions Magazine Online: Lauren + Alec

There are two thing that will always come to mind when I think of Lauren and Alec’s wedding. First, our conversation about Octopi vs. Octopuses… yeah, we really had that awkward and veryView full post »

Pampering + Chocolate + Love

There are three things I like to share with our clients: pampering, chocolates and love! As photographers we find it vital to make sure we are a good fit for our brides and grooms. We like toView full post »

Purple + Details + Diamonds

Rachael + Steve  Beautiful details adorn every aspect of this gorgeous wedding. And you will never believe it, Rachael did it all herself (with some help from Steve, I am sure:-). She even added herView full post »

Enchanting Mint + Naturally Pretty Pink

Inspiring Styled Wedding Shoot We have enjoyed the awesome opportunity to work with some fabulous wedding vendors to bring you an absolutely stunning inspirational wedding shoot. We hope all theView full post »

Beach + Cozy Blankets + Cuddle Time Sneak Peek

Allyson + Hakija All of this and more at Fort De Soto Park Engagement Shoot in St. Pete. This past weekend we enjoyed laughing and hanging with Allyson & Hakija. They will say “I Do”View full post »

Our 3rd Wheel + A Snapshot

I think we finally have to face the fact that we have a third wheel in our relationship. His name is iPhone and together we are producing instagram babies! ;-) Here is a little “snapshot”View full post »

Engagement Shoot Locations  + 10 Engagement Photos to Inspire You

We often get the question, “Where is a beautiful place for our engagement photos?”, here is our answer:) We want your engagement shoot to genuinely reflect how you love, your truest self,View full post »

Personalized + Intimate + Unique

How do we personalize our Client’s experience with our business? Obviously this question will be answered differently by each Photographer… and it definitely should be! After all, we areView full post »

Galoshes + Umbrella + Kisses Oh My… Sneak Peek

Tiffany + Michael Tiffany & Michael love to fish, play in the rain and of course, like any newly engaged couple, they LOVE to KISS! This past Saturday was overcast with some sprinkles and mist, IView full post »

Client Gifts + Cute Candles

Walking through the store with Brandon looking for Christmas gifts for our friends and family, I shouted out, “our Brides and Grooms become our friends!”. “Ummm, that wasView full post »