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Karen + Joe Save The Dates

A vintage post card save the date is the perfect preview for Karen + Joe’s up coming wedding. I loved designing this with Karen as she is a typography LOVER! Just viewing it you can feel theView full post »

Emily + Dalton Save The Date

A very classically sweet + elegantly bold design for Emily + Dalton.  Emily loves the look of sweet vintage valentine’s day cards and wanted her save the date to have the look and feel ofView full post »

Taking Back Beautiful + Boudoir

I Believe Every Woman Deserves To Feel Pampered, Glamorous + Beautiful! So often today I see magazine covers, movies and TV ads that all say a women should be “this or that”. As if we areView full post »

The Process + Change

As Brandon and I look at our 5 year plan we know that moving forward and growth requires change. Change for most is a scary thought, after all we are creatures of habit, I get it…IT’SView full post »

Summer + Patrick Wedding Invitation Suite

Summer and Patrick’s modern press invitation suite was designed for a bride with a love for the beach, boating, style and rich design. Summer went with a pure white photo print for her save theView full post »

Julia + John Save The Dates

Julia + John’s wedding will be super intmate at a private bed ‘n breakfast they are reserving for the entire weekend for close friends and family. They also wanted to keep the save theView full post »

Taking 5 to Become a More Positive Person

1.) I Believe Being Positive is a Choice This was the first and by far the hardest step I had to take if I was to change myself. I had to realize that being positive was a choice. I have noticedView full post »

Pass Gallery: Why We Shoot + Share

What I remember as a child is walking into the home of my parents friends who were world wide travelers. Their house was made up of an eclectic mix of relics, artifacts, world maps and treasures ofView full post »

Cozy Home + Beautiful Nature + Best Friends

Samantha + Mike Sam + Mike have been friends for 8 amazing years. Their eyes first met as Sam was waiting tables while in college… friends at first sight. For 4 years they hangout with a closeView full post »

Jittery Hands + Dry Mouth + Heart Racing

Emily + Dalton Ooooh the fun of public speaking… jittery hands, dry mouth and heart racing! (It’s funny how love at first sight does the same thing to a person.) As if that’s notView full post »

Pushing Boundaries + Extending Your Comfort Zone

This summer Brandon and I will be heading up a mission trip to Belize, my first official international trip. Needless to say, I’m a bit terrified. A part of me wants to just stay home curled upView full post »

Featured: Wed Loft: Allyson + Hakija

Tuesday is upon us and most of us are looking forward to an amazing 3 day weekend! We are especially excited because our weekend will be 4 days long spending much needed time with family…eatingView full post »

How Can I Make Sure I Look Good In My Photos

The number one thing to keep in mind is THIS IS FUN! We have booth been there and we know how it feels to be in front of the camera and guess what…. it’s a BLAST!!!!!! … But it’s even more of a blastView full post »

Waves of Love + Nautical Charm

Vera + Eric  We love Fridays, for us they are either the start of a weekend full of capturing moments of love and romance as it fill the air or the start of a fabulous 3 day weekend. Whether we areView full post »

Featured: Desiree Hartsock Blog: Amanda + Brian

We are incredibly honored to be featured by Desiree Hartsock (Desiree is best known for her season on ABC’s The Bachelorette) she is also an accomplished designer and bridal enthusiast with anView full post »

Featured: Storyboard Wedding: Jessica + Charles

What I remember most is they were planning their wedding within a 3 month time frame while Jessica was attending grad school and yet they were both calm, joyful and so excited. Jessica was all smilesView full post »

Why is wedding photography so freakin’ expensive?

This is a valid question. Wedding photography seems like easy money — work for one day and rake in the cash, right? However, truth is, most full-time professional wedding photographers carry withView full post »

Books + Beach + Sand

Hayley’s Senior Shoot  School is almost over and for most Seniors that means time to prepare for college. A time to spread their wings and venture into the world. To experience all that lifeView full post »

Tying The Trinity Knot + Joy Filled Love

Melissa + AJ This past weekend we were extremely blessed with the opportunity to capture the moments as Melissa + AJ said “I DO”. Time was in slow-motion. He knelt before the cross in aView full post »

How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

This is a great question and one we get often. To be honest, the night Brandon and I sat down to official pick our wedding day (over 5 years ago now) we also starting looking into who we wanted toView full post »

Intimate @ Home Engagement Session

Julia + John We often get the question from our couples, “where should we do our engagement session?”. Great question, and if you want our opinion, trust me, we have them. Our opinionsView full post »

Wedding Cake, Heels + Diamonds…OH MY

Skylar + Will Ok, so I am a bit of a shoe fanatic, I LOVE shoes. The good news is that Brandon can’t say much because he (thanks to me) has a ton of shore too. What can I say, I would be theView full post »

Lauren + Steve Save The Dates

Lauren is a bride full of beautiful ideas for her 2014 wedding at the Oxford Exchange, Tampa. Perfectly vintage with lots of typography and gorgeous details- this fun save the date is delightful.View full post »

Love, Romance + The Beach

Summer + Patrick She is beautiful blonde and blue eyes He is tall dark and handsome They share a deep love and kindred spirit When we asked them “where and how do you spend your timeView full post »

XOXO Hugs + Kisses “I Do”

Sarah + Mark We have all grown up with the game of tic tac toe. The main object being to get all your X’s or O’s in a row. As I was growing up I always thought of it as getting all yourView full post »

Photography Tips – Capturing A Genuine Smile

Brandon and I are often asked, “How do you capture such a genuine smile”? Followed by, “I love how it does not look posed”. We love this question because that is exactly ourView full post »

Loves Light Shines Bright + Love Runs Deep to the Heart

Katelyn + Ryan Brandon and I have been blessed with the opportunely of knowing Katelyn and her heart warming family for the past 7 years. Truth be told, they have welcomed us in as a part of theirView full post »

Hearts Set Afire… With Love

Jamie + Andrew Three years ago Jamie + Andrew met along side the chaos of flashing lights and emergency sirens. Jamie was a paramedic and Andrew a Firefighter responding to the call of saving lives.View full post »

2014 Two Bright Lights Editors Choice Award

As a testament to our fabulously outstanding clients, and our commitment to producing the best-of-the-best wedding photography, we am thrilled to announce that we have been selected as a winner of aView full post »

5 Friends + Life Journeys

As life takes us on beautiful adventures, leads us to new homes and offers us unique paths we sometimes find ourselves miles away from our dearest friends. The ones who make us laugh, who know ourView full post »

Saying “I Do” After 24 Years of Marriage

Martha + Hector Love… we all try to define it, find it and hold on to it. Sometimes it gives us butterflies, causes us to be joy filled with not a care in the world, it takes our breath awayView full post »

Boca Grande + Sweet Love

Valerie + KC The fragrance of sweet sea salt air, a warm breeze, flowers blooming + streets filled with locals enjoying the beautiful day – that is Boca Grande. A beautiful little islandView full post »

Featured: Marry Me Tampa Bay Blog: Heather + Brad

Doing what you love is amazing in itself, but to see others enjoying what you love is breathtaking. Brandon & I awoke this beautiful Monday morning to the sun shining in our windows, the birdsView full post »

Gianna Graduation Announcements

Oh where to begin with Gianna… she is incredible sweet, joyful and outgoing. Not to mention brilliant. She graduated from high school with her associates degree and need a graduationView full post »

Peacock Feather + Sharks + Love… Oh My Fabulous

Susan + Darren For the past, well lets say two months (I’m sure it feels like an eternity), the north has been hit with snow storm after snow storm. I can hardly imagine how incredibly cold andView full post »

Sarah + Mark Wedding Invitation Suite

This is one of my favorite projects so far this year. Working with this Sarah + Mark was phenomenal!  Sarah was the type of Bride who also said to me “I trust you, work your magic!” WeView full post »