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Wedding Tip For a Stress Free Wedding Day

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel stressed, rushed and out of control. Have no worries boo we got ya! Stress free wedding day tip… give yourself plenty of time to getView full post »

Surprise Proposal in the North Georgia Mountains: Edgar + Corrinne

Life is funny the way it moves, the way it intertwines one soul with another and simultaneously sets both souls on a joined path of wonder, adventure and unequivocal joy. And with this union bothView full post »

Leyba Family Shoot: Dahlonega GA

The Leybe family is made up of 10 amazing beautiful individuals who all have their own unique character, soul mind and free spirit.  And… the love they share is beyond amazing!! This pastView full post »

WEDDING TIP: Authentically get to know your wedding photographers before you say yes!

If you follow us on our blog or Instagram stories you have probably seen how obsessed we are with truly getting to know our couples… and for good reason. To artistically tell someones loveView full post »

Nine Years Of Marriage

Dear B, Your my person. Your my best friend. You are the everything right with us. If you were a color you would be a golden red sunset lighting the sky on fire. If you were a forest you would beView full post »

Are you a Photographer: Invest In Learning and Less on Gear

I remember buying our first professional cameras and thinking WOW this if for real… we are really doing this. Both of us were super excited and even though we did not have the most expensiveView full post »

FEATURE: Cake and Lace: Ivy’s Maternity Shoot

What can I say, Ivy makes pregnancy look amazing! She just glowed with love and excitement durning her maternity shoot with us. She allowed us to document her beautiful heart, big smile and perfectView full post »

Wedding Tip: For a happy, energized and beyond excited wedding day morning

I remember planning my wedding day morning. In my head I was picturing waking up to hearing birds singing, opening the window to a warm summer breeze and the smell of fresh flowers. Then dancing andView full post »


On your gorgeous wedding day Brandon and I sincerely learn the names of (and your relationships with) your entire bridal party, immediate family and closest friends. But it is incredibly hard to getView full post »

10 of the hardest questions we had to face before we got married

Brandon and I will soon be coming up on 9 years of marriage, which in some ways feels like we just got married 2 years ago and in others it feels like we have been married a lifetime already. It isView full post »

PEAKS & VALLEYS: Flying Smoothies + Paint

Being married and owning our own home has comes with a lot of adulting and even though I am a type A, so adulting comes naturally (my mom would say it has come naturally since I was about 12), IView full post »


Your ceremony photographs will undoubtedly be some of the most treasured shots of your day. Most of our couples, during their grand reveal of their photos, say they were surprised just how much theyView full post »

How to Shoot a Surprise Proposal

I remember the first surprise proposal we ever shot. We were dressed up as “just a couple” enjoying one of our mountain wineries and taking in the gorgeous view of the vineyard whileView full post »


I remember our wedding day and how crazy packed our dance floor was, I am pretty sure not a single person was sitting down. I also remember how sweaty the guys were who stayed on the dance floor allView full post »

Dahlonega GA Vineyard Engagement Shoot: Kati + Brad

In the morning when I wake And the sun is coming through, Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness, And you fill my head with you Shall I write it in a letter? Shall I try to get it down? Oh, you fillView full post »

How To Schedule Portrait Sessions for Gorgeous Natural Light

Let’s dream for a minute Imagine a moment with me. You walk outside just a few hours before sunset. The sky is clear, its a warm day with a beautiful cool breeze and nature just seems to beView full post »

Our Dining Room: the Before & After Reveal

Our Dining room is one of our most loved spaces in our home. It is where we connect each morning as we enjoy breakfast together. Then connect again at lunch as we sit at this table to take a breakView full post »


Nerves, Its Totally Normal Wedding mornings getting ready are full of excitement, joy, happiness and love. And… they are also filled with a touch of nervousness which is totally normal. I feltView full post »


Healthy Multitasking I know what your most likely thinking… healthy multitasking does not exist, and believe us, we used to think the same thing! That was until we used a little creativeView full post »

PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS, LIFE + BALANCE: Creative Thinking for weekly Schedules

Hi Guys and welcome to Part 2 of our Photography Business, Life + Balance 3 Part Series. This part is Creative Thinking for Weekly Schedules. If you missed out, you can read Part One here:View full post »


What to do if you chose a venue with a tight or dark getting ready space for your weddings. Sometimes on a wedding day you have a tight or dark getting ready space. And to be honest, we shoot a lotView full post »

The Standard Club Wedding: Stacey + Jacob

The Standard Club Wedding of Stacey and Jacob Before we get to the Standard Club wedding you have to understand how it all got started. It was 5 years ago at a sorority party when they first met.View full post »

Photography Business, life + Balance: Why Your “To DO” list is hurting you

Your “To DO” list is Hurting You Brandon and I used to subscribe to the theory of  “a to do list is great!”… but really it is horrible. This is why your “ToView full post »

Photography Business Life and Balance

Finding time to run a successful business while living your best life is all about balance. Brandon and I typically post a lot of everyday activity on our Instagram story. Our day may start off withView full post »

Dahlonega Georgia Engagement Shoot: Kacy + Matt

Their love is unmatched By the look in his eyes you can tell that she is his everything, his one true love and his best friend. As they walked through the north Georgia vines enjoying the gorgeousView full post »


A Realistic Wedding Day Schedule It was three weeks before our wedding day and oh how stressed I was. I was losing sleep each night as I laid awake while my mind was going over every little detailView full post »

Swan House Engagement Shoot: Katelin + Taylor

Love Story like Long Ago He held her hand with soft tenderness as they took each step together up the Swan House’s historic twin staircase filled with stories of epic galla’s and partiesView full post »

Dahlonega Engagement Shoot: Carrie + Donnie

Dahlonega Engagement Shoot A barefoot walk down a gorgeous windy road nestled in lush green trees, tall wispy grass and wild flowers. In one hand is a chilled glass of white wine and in theView full post »

Wedding Tip: Wedding Dress Hangers + Bridesmaid Dress Hangers

Wedding Dress Hangers? You probably read that thinking… Wedding dress Hangers?! Thats the last thing on my mind right now. We get it… BUT before you dismiss what hangers you are usingView full post »


Wedding Tip for Light The light on your wedding day is most likely the last thing on your mind at the moment… however, we can guarantee that it will affect more than just the photographs. SoView full post »


Wedding Day Tip for Hair I lovelovelove wearing my hair down and I also LOVE when a bride wears her’s down on her wedding day. It brings movement, freedom and life to photos. However there is aView full post »

Blue Mountain Vineyard Wedding Dahlonega, GA: Ashley + Billy

Vineyard Wedding at Blue Mountain in Dahlonega Georgia: Ashley + Billy The light morning fresh spring showers gave way to gorgeous green vines, misty mountains and two souls deeply in love. Hand inView full post »

Max Patch Engagement Shoot: Megan + Cody

Max Patch Engagement Shoot in North Carolina with Megan + Cody Let’s adventure… hike the mountains, walk on the clouds and get lost in the beauty of it all as you fall even deeper in loveView full post »

Three Sisters Vineyard Wedding Dahlonega, GA: Marcie + Shawn

Three Sisters Vineyard Wedding in Dahlonega Georgia: Marcie + Shawn The rain came and left leaving behind a sparkle of dew on the vast Three Sisters Vineyard wedding nestled in the valley of theView full post »

Dahlonega Engagement Shoot: Lisa + Dennis

Gorgeous Engagement Shoot in Dahlonega Georgia Lisa and Dennis have such an amazing story to go along with this Dahlonega Engagement Shoot. It was supposed to happen in Charleston on ThanksgivingView full post »

Private Estate Wedding in Dahlonega GA : Gina + Corey

30 Acre Private Estate Wedding Nestled in the Dahlonega Georgia Mountains I remember the day we met Gina + Corey for a consultation over wine + chocolates and they told us all about their plans forView full post »