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A Realistic Wedding Day Schedule It was three weeks before our wedding day and oh how stressed I was. I was losingView full post »

Wedding Tip: Wedding Dress + Bridesmaid Dress Hangers

You probably read that thinking… Hangers?! Thats the last thing on my mind right now. We get it… BUTView full post »


The light on your wedding day is most likely the last thing on your mind at the moment… however, we can guaranteeView full post »


I lovelovelove wearing my hair down and I also LOVE when a bride wears hers down on her wedding day. It bringsView full post »

Wedding Tip for Guys:Fitted Suit or Tux

Wedding Tip for Guys: Purchase a Fitted Suit or Tux! A man who is well dressed looks AMAZING and we all know it. WhenView full post »


WEDDING TIP: KEEP THE MOMENT SACRED Please don’t hate us for being honest… but as photographers this isView full post »

On-Site Day Of Wedding Coordinator

WEDDING TIP: On-Site Day Of Wedding Coordinator Many venues come with an on-site wedding coordinator. Some weddingView full post »


Adventurous Engagement Shoot A while back we shared a few tips for adventurous couples on our FB page and since then weView full post »

Wine + Cheese + Chocolates Wedding Consultation

…and yes sometimes donuts! So we have SET a number for our booking limit for 2018 – 30 is our max thisView full post »


Featured Wedding! Friday is upon us… so Happy Friday Y’all! We are especially excited today becauseView full post »

3 Words For Marriage

3 Secrets for Marriage Marriage Advice Before the marriage advice, lets set the stage. Growing up Brandon saw marriageView full post »

A Real Bride Gives You the Deets On How To Keep Your Cool On Your Big Day

Getting married is the biggest day in a bride and grooms life, most grooms are happy with whatever ideas the brideView full post »

Should I Use The Photographer Included in my Venue Package?

How to Pick the Best Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding Day. Over the years we have worked with couples who feltView full post »

Should I Do An Engagement Session + Why is and engagement session important?

Capturing your love story, in its entirety, is paramount both NOW + IN THE FUTURE. Gaze into the future with me forView full post »

How We Photograph the Flower Girls + Ring Bearers

I still remember when I was a flower girl for my cousins wedding. I was all dressed in white (like a mini bride)View full post »

12 Secrets of a Happy Bride on Her Wedding Day

Brandon and I deeply believe that the most beautiful brides are those who are filled with joy + happiness on theirView full post »

Pillow Fight + A Wedding Tip

After seven years of marriage you still make me laugh louder then I thought possible, you encourage me to dream big +View full post »

Wedding Photography + Film Give Away!

In life there are two things that make Brandon soul and mine leap towards heaven… deepening our relationship withView full post »

7 Dos & Don’ts : Stylized Engagement Shoot Fashion

The words stylized and fashion get us so excited! Yes, Brandon too, his style and fashion have dashingly matured overView full post »

Photography: A Windy Wedding Day

Nature loves to throw in the unexpected twist every now and then, like say 20 – 30 mile per hr. wind gust on aView full post »

What If It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

We personally love rainy days… they are cozy, cuddly, sweet and memorable. And as spring approaches we have a lotView full post »

Why A Wedding Planner? – By Guest Blogger Ivy Marie Ferguson of Ivy Marie Weddings

Brandon and I often get asked by our couples. “do you recommend having a wedding planner?“. The answerView full post »

Exciting Announcement: We Are Officially The Three of Us!

Our team has now grown by one… Ben Grant, an absolutely amazing filmmaker has joined our Horn Photography +View full post »

Client Gifts: The Art + The Experience

Over the last 7 years Brandon and I have adored each and every couple we have worked with. Our mission right from theView full post »


Talk about fun, playful, laid back, super sweet and full of AMAZING personality… that my friends, was and isView full post »


Yesterday we received exciting news that Hannah + Tyler’s wedding was published… EEEK!! Their wedding wasView full post »

FAQ: How Much Time Will We Need For Different Aspects of OUr Day?

I remember trying to plan our wedding with Brandon, we had no idea where to begin or what even went into planning aView full post »

Photography: How to Capture Authentic Love

Brandon and I often get asked, how do we capture photos that truly reflect the authentic love a couple shares. OurView full post »


As most of you see we often share real wedding advice from our former brides, but we also like to sprinkle in adviceView full post »

Brides – What to Expect at a Bridal Show + Tips To Make The Day Beautiful

Bridal Shows provide an awesome opportunity to meet vendors face to face and all in one location so your not drivingView full post »

Top 10 Wedding Cakes We have Photographed + 11 Tips for Ideal Cake Table Locations

Did someone say cake… you had me at cake. Can I get some cake! Over the years Brandon and I have photographedView full post »

Creating A Fun + Playful Environment For Your Clients

Awkwardness… I swear if you look it up in the dictionary our names will be there, we are awkward. However weView full post »


Jamie + Andrew said “I Do” at The Museum Of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, FL. The day was absolutely perfectView full post »

How to ensure your wedding date + venue line up with booking your dream photographers

When we first started our business 6 years ago I believed that booking your venue first was the best way to go, and IView full post »


A few months ago I started an installment on the blog that shared wedding advice from our past brides. Well, that gotView full post »

FAQ: Matching Parent Albums

Last week I was incredibly stoked because Katie + Tony’s wedding album arrived along with the two parent albumsView full post »


Talk about an amazing, SWANKY, one of a kind backyard wedding on the ocean. Swanky… synonyms – stylish, chic, smart,View full post »


We loved every minute of shooting Sarah + Mark’s gorgeous wedding day in Miami Florida. Sarah was calm, relaxedView full post »


Our favorite part of any wedding day is the Romantic Shots. Having a half hour to an hour to capture the joy + love aView full post »

Organic Wedding Day Photography + Organic Relationships

Organic, probably the would I use the most in my everyday… and now the word my husband uses the most as well. TheView full post »

FAQ: Wedding Albums

The first week of January we revealed our new logo with great excitement during the Georgia Bridal Show at the CobbView full post »

Real Wedding Advice From Our Brides: Lauren Cherpock

Lauren was my second bride to respond to my question, what is one piece of advice you would give to a bride-to-be?. View full post »

Real Wedding Advice From Our Brides: Katie Schuler

I thought it would be fun to contact our past brides and ask them to share their Real Wedding Advice. Katie was myView full post »

Brides… Hate the Planning Process, it’s ok!

Dear Brides, You’re not a bad person if you hate the planning process of your wedding. I will repeat that… You’reView full post »

Wedding Planner or No Wedding Planner That is the Question

As we walked into the venue to set up our lighting, about an hour before the wedding day excitement began to unfold,View full post »

The Best Time To Photograph The Flower Girl + Ring Bearer

One of our favorite moments at a wedding is when the flower girl and ring bearer walk down the isle. The guest facesView full post »

5 Things We Would Have Done On Our Wedding Day Knowing What We Know Now As Wedding Photographers

The other day I was looking at our wedding album + reminiscing about our amazing wedding day. I can hardly believeView full post »

The Magic Of The Wedding Day

As wedding photographers we attend a plethora of weddings every year, each one unique and truly magical. It is our jobView full post »

A Wedding That Glorifies God + A Swanky Soirée + Maintaining Mellow

Flowers, invitations, dresses, cakes, shoes, colors, etiquette, female hormones, jewelry… and the list goes onView full post »

Client Tip – Be A Team

Everyone loves to pitch in their ideas for planning your wedding. Well-intentioned, friends and family will undoubtedlyView full post »

Tips For a Relaxing The Morning Of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding is sure to be full of excitement, butterflies, joy and fun. All of your closest girlfriendsView full post »

5 Unusual + Important Questions to Ask Your Venue Before Booking

We absolutely LOVE gorgeous venues, and even more then the gorgeous venue we LOVELOVE LOVE  seeing how our bridesView full post »

5 Questions To Help You Find Your “Artistic Soulmate” Wedding Photographer

As the new year begins wedding blogs + magazines are offering articles to help couples find a photographer for theirView full post »

Proposing in 2015 + 10 Clever Proposal Ideas

Are you proposing in 2015? 2015 is right around the corner and a great time for new begins, amazing journeys +View full post »

Secrets + Tricks To Be More Photogenic

I am that person who will take 15 selfies before getting the one I love. I will be the first to admit that beingView full post »

Questions I Ask Each Bride 30 Minutes Before She Walks Down The Aisle

Every wedding day there are a few key question I ask our beautiful bride 30 minutes before she walks down the aisle.View full post »

What To Wear + What Not To Wear For Your Shoot

To say I love clothes, shoes and bags would probably be an understatement. As a little girl I used to play dress up allView full post »

Busting Myths on SPF, Silica, + Flash Photography

This week I had one of our fabulous brides contact us in regards to using SPF on her wedding day and if it would causeView full post »

Photos that truly reflect your love story + investing in photographers that will invest in you

Pinterest… I love it! It is a candy shop of creative ideas. However, it can sometimes become overwhelming whenView full post »

Perks of Asking Your Local Photographer to Travel for your wedding

We adore destination weddings, they are so romantic, beautiful and intimate. The destination maybe on the mountain topsView full post »

Taking Back Beautiful + Boudoir

I Believe Every Woman Deserves To Feel Pampered, Glamorous + Beautiful! So often today I see magazine covers, moviesView full post »

Pushing Boundaries + Extending Your Comfort Zone

This summer Brandon and I will be heading up a mission trip to Belize, my first official international trip. NeedlessView full post »

How Can I Make Sure I Look Good In My Photos

The number one thing to keep in mind is THIS IS FUN! We have booth been there and we know how it feels to be in frontView full post »

Why is wedding photography so freakin’ expensive?

This is a valid question. Wedding photography seems like easy money — work for one day and rake in the cash,View full post »

How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

This is a great question and one we get often. To be honest, the night Brandon and I sat down to official pick ourView full post »

Overwhelmed With Gratitude + Amazing Clients + In Every Moment

This past year was a challenge for us; managing the business, Brandon’s life teen program, our calendar and freeView full post »

2014 Couples Choice Award

It is a true honor to be awarded the 2014 Couples Choice Award by wedding wire! The WeddingWire Couples’ ChoiceView full post »

Yummy CAKE + Client Gifts

Each Christmas we send our wedding clients, for that year, a little client gift. It’s our way of saying thankView full post »

PASS – A new way to share your photos

CD’s Old School… Flash Drives Out Of Here! We have something better. PASS – A new way to share yourView full post »

11 Need To Know Wedding Tips

We love weddings, obviously we are wedding junkies and have made them our job. It’s our job to be ready for everyView full post »

How Much Time 4 Wedding Prep + Getting Ready Photos

So I have to admit, before every wedding I get butterflies in my stomach. Crazy I know, after four years I still getView full post »

Breaking Tradition + Why I’m All 4 It

Tradition has it that the Groom shall not see his Bride the day of their wedding until she is walking down the aisle toView full post »

Unplugged + Wedding?

Unplugged…I admit its a word that gives me a brief moment of panic when I hear it. I rely on so much technology,View full post »

Guys Fashion for Engagement Sessions

Well it is official spring is in the air and my allergies are making that very clear, or should I say foggy. I haveView full post »

Pampering + Chocolate + Love

There are three things I like to share with our clients: pampering, chocolates and love! As photographers we find itView full post »

Engagement Shoot Locations  + 10 Engagement Photos to Inspire You

We often get the question, “Where is a beautiful place for our engagement photos?”, here is our answer:) WeView full post »

Personalized + Intimate + Unique

How do we personalize our Client’s experience with our business? Obviously this question will be answeredView full post »

Zoolander + “Model Face” + Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

Photo Time Yep, Brandon and I shook it like a Polaroid Picture, put forth our best “Model Face” and watchedView full post »

Engagement + Fun Tips

Brandon and I strive to have fun with our couples. We value getting to know you and bringing out your personality inView full post »