4 Years and Counting

Jijo and his wife have been married for four years and the spark is stronger then ever. They are an amazing couple full of life, love and energy. The two of them manage to take care of their bullmastiff, who I might add is adorable and huge, like it is a breeze! We captured their photos in beautiful down town St. Pete next to the Museum of Fine Arts. There are two amazing trees located in the park right next to the museum and Jijo had mentioned that they had tried taking picture there several times before, while on walks with the dog, but they never seem to come out quite right. Well we got those photos captured just for them. After finishing up with a walk in the park they both enjoyed tea and dessert by the bay. Man, that day was gorgeous! We all had a good laugh as Brandon took a photo that he said could be a Starbucks commercial. But seriously they are such a cute couple it could have been, check it out yourself, the last two photos.

Photography and Design-0136otography and Design 2-0001Photography and Design-0075Photography and Design-0078Photography and Design-0145Photography and Design-0156Photography and Design-0159

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