Enchanting + Fun + Joyful


There is just something about graduating high school that makes the world seem so amazing. I can recall my graduation day like it was yesterday, we won’t really figure out how long ago that was. Let’s just say this, I mentioned my graduation date to a room full of teens that I was working with and a few of them said, that’s the year I was born! Good grief!

But yes, graduation is amazing. It’s a huge accomplishment that marks the beginning of life as an adult. The world becomes your adventure. As many valedictorians say “Lets us begin a new chapter in our lives and fill the blank pages with meaning and purpose.” Enchanting, Fun and Joyful screams from the pages as a warm breeze turns the page.

I have to take a moment to get real with you. High School – I grew up without a lot of material things, I watched as my parents divorced, cliques formed in my school, I gasped as becoming prego in school became a commonality, freaked out when they cloned the first sheep, and cried as they aired the Oklahoma City Bombing! Life was speeding up and out of my control. This was also the point in my life when I realized that life is too short to worry. Too short, to not trust in God. I inhaled deeply and felt a warm breeze turn the page in my life and it gently kissed me on the cheek.

Enchanting + Fun + Joyful became my way of life. Thanks to a wonderful day with Kelsey, I saw that spark and amazement again. Kelsey is so full of Joy one can’t help but smile and realize that life is good.

No matter our struggles life is indeed Enchanting + Fun + Joyful

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