Fall Festival + Unending Joy

Gianna’s Senior Shoot

Fall... my favorite time of year, no doubt. A cool soft breeze, just the right temperature for jeans and a cozy sweater. The smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire and hot chocolate warming your hands as you hold the mug tightly. Believe it or not we do get a little chilly here in Florida, enough to enjoy the season + all things listed above. Today for instance, I was able to awake to a beautiful 52 degrees.

However, a few days ago on Gianna’s senior shoot the fall day was very different, a warm playful 87 degrees. So we decide to hit a few fun and joy filled places for Gianna’s shoot. We started in our local downtown of Dunedin, cute quaint and full of life. Followed by a visit to our local Fall Festival, I mean who can resist a Fall Festival with cotton candy, games and rides. Then we wrapped it up at the local marina listening to the waves come in and feeling the sun’s warmth surround us.

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