Gorgeous + Adorable + True Emotion

Jessica’s Senior Shoot

Brandon says you can always tell what I’m thinking by the look on my face. I’m basically an open book, there is no “poker face” here. I like to lovingly refer to this as true emotion. Most people try their best to hide this true emotion at times, however Jessica is like me, whatever she is thinking gets expressed. And I have to say… it is adorable, gorgeous and true.

Her heart is pure and she is able to give you a “what are you talking about face” followed by a sweet giggle and it will make you laugh every-time. True and honest, she wears her heart on her sleeve without even knowing it. As we captured her story, she unfolded and revealed who she is: fun, outgoing and a bit crazy! She loves creating music, getting caught up in a good book, quite moments and deep prayer. She is fabulous.

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