Lee Roessler… Man + Artist + Musician + Lover of Christ

Music… it inspires creativity, brings out emotions, tells a story and helps us come alive. On any given day an amazing song can enlighten my soul to dance and melts my cares away. For Brandon and I, music has been apart of our journey, for every momentous occasion in our lives together we have a song that brings all the memories rushing back.  With music playing such a big role in our lives it brings us great joy to have the opportunity to work with amazing musicians. This past week Brandon and I were blessed with the awesome opportunity to hang out with Lee Roessler, a very talented Singer/Songwriter.

Lee Roessler spent the past week here at Life Teen Hidden Lake Camp leading worship for us and all the Life Teen Missionaries. His creative spirit infused with God’s Glory brought the camp alive with vibrant worship. With the creative juices flowing strong  + 30 mins to spare before Lee jumped on a plane to his next tour location we captured the Wild Heart that is Lee Roessler.

P.s If you would like to book Lee Roesslerv contact: booking@leeroesslermusic.com, 859.466.9635

Check him out here:

Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-002Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-003Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-004Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-001Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-006Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-008Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-010Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-011Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-012Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-014Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-015Horn Photography & Design LeeRoessler-016

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