The Warmth + Grace Of Summer + Joslyn’s Lovely Spirit

I am so excited to be sharing Joslyn’s photography workshop shoot. Embracing the meaning of joy + excitement Joslyn is with us as a missionary photographer capturing God’s Glory this summer at camp. She is doing an amazing job interacting with campers while capturing their excitement, endeavors, adventures and the love of Christ they are experiencing.

With all the warmth + grace of summer unfolding I wanted to give Joslyn the opportunity to step in front of my lens… an opportunity to reveal her own loveliness. As photographers sometimes the biggest challenges is being in front of the lens rather then behind it. And trust me, I totally understand that feeling. But I have also learned that when we except that challenge we grow in incredible ways, both creatively and personally.

Horn Photograph and Design Jos-6Horn Photograph and Design Jos-92Horn Photograph and Design Jos-93Horn Photograph and Design Jos-102Horn Photography & Design 2-001Horn Photograph and Design Jos-72Horn Photograph and Design Jos-86Horn Photography & Design -001Horn Photograph and Design Jos-85Horn Photograph and Design Jos-24Horn Photograph and Design Jos-36Horn Photograph and Design Jos-55

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