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At the beginning of this year we decide to do a branding relaunch of both our website and blog.  Yes, our old blog and website had personality, however, we knew we could dive deeper. We were after a more polished, professional look that really shared who we are as a husband and wife photography team. We wanted to connect – to connect with our clients in a whole new way and on a whole new level.

And it’s working!

The goal is to attract couples that share our similar style and taste. This helps us better cater to their needs and desires.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 5.49.48 PM

Before creating our relaunch we reviewed the goals we desired.
1.)We want to attract fresh, fun and creative couples who have unique styles + weddings full of beautiful emotions.

2.) Professionalism! We are both tech and design savvy, so having a site that is both interactive and design oriented with a polished look was a must.

3.) Revealing who we are. Over the years we have learned that the best way to attact our perfect couples, is to revel who we are.  This meant being willing to share our quirkiness with the world. (And trust me, Brandon is quirky!)

How did we make this happen?
1.) Truth be told I have a degree in both Graphic Design and Photography, so for us, I personally designed our entire website + blog. But don’t freak out if your not a designer. We strongly recommend that you employ a professional designer or  a style group. They will help you to fine tune your style and bring direction to your ideas.

2.) Go in knowing how you want to present yourself + your business. This is key, even when working with a professional designer. It’s not a designers job to “create you” – it’s their job to pull everything you are and what you want together.

3.) Dive Deep. Take a deep breath and fall completely in love with who you are. Share your loves, desires, dreams and aspirations. Will everyone find it attractive, NO and thats ok. The people who are attacked to who you are as a photographer are the ones you want as clients.

We hope this give a little insight into how we have developed our brand. If you have ideas, feedback, or something to add, feel free to add it in the comment box!

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