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Potatoes + Laughter…Christmas Cards

To all our clients we send Christmas Cards with love, joy + laughter. I say laughter because the amount of silliness and creative thinking that goes into them sometimes has us bursting at the seamsView full post »

Yummy CAKE + Client Gifts

Each Christmas we send our wedding clients, for that year, a little client gift. It’s our way of saying thank you. There is absolutely no way we could do what we love without our amazingView full post »

An Old Barn, Enchanted Woods + I Do

 Danielle + Jon This past weekend Danielle + Jon said “I Do” at Lange Farm with a beautiful cascading oak tree over head and acres of green pastures as their chapel. Tranquility, natureView full post »

Wedding Love + Sneakers

Morgan + Joey Converse sneakers… if you love them, you have always loved them and always will. There is nothing like the comfort and support they provide. The more you wear them the moreView full post »

Feature: Occasions Magazine: Allison + David

We so excited + blessed to be featured today by the beautiful Occasions Magazine! I can remember flipping though stunning magazine pages filled with wedding dress and beautiful decor dreaming up myView full post »

Hand Crafted Fall Love + Autumn Romance

Brooke + John About 2 years ago on a crisp fall evening Brooke & John came into our office for a wedding consolation. We enjoyed chocolate, wine & giggles as we discussed their upcomingView full post »

Featured In: Bisou Bride: Dee + Andy

A big thank you to Miriam for featuring us today on Bisou Bride – a fabulous wedding blog filled with gorgeous inspiration and more. We are so excited and honored have Dee + Andy’sView full post »

Hand + Hand Their Adventure Begins

Melissa + Viren Hiking, biking, kayaking you name it – if it’s outdoors then Melissa and Viren are up for it (a couple after our own hearts). Adventure seems to find them wherever theyView full post »

Following + Chasing + Living the Dream

I love reading something that inspires and at the same time lets you know that your not the only one out there with dreams. So often the “world” will try to keep you down and say thatView full post »

Inspiration Styled Shoot + Luring

Lauren + Michael Inspiration… at times it is an allusive mystical creature who’s beauty is stunning at yet so distant always luring you in for more. And on other occasions inspiration isView full post »

Office Revamp + Pallet Wall + Record Player

When I was a child we had a beautiful vintage record player with a slue of my parents favorite vinyl’s sitting next to it. As I would, ever so gently, lay the tone-arm on to the 33 theView full post »

Love + Rest + Dream + Nest

Amanda + Brian Fall weddings are my favorite time of year to say “I Do”. There is just something comforting and cozy knowing that you will be spending the holidays with your soulmate nowView full post »

PASS – A new way to share your photos

CD’s Old School… Flash Drives Out Of Here! We have something better. PASS – A new way to share your photos from Shoot & Share on Vimeo.View full post »

11 Need To Know Wedding Tips

We love weddings, obviously we are wedding junkies and have made them our job. It’s our job to be ready for every moment, every question, every situation and every kiss. With this in mind, plusView full post »

Champagne + Love + Baseball

Sarah + Mark It is ever so charming and cute when a guy is willing to embarrassing himself a bit to get the girl. Mark did just that. It was a new year for the Rays and time to bring in the severalView full post »

How Much Time 4 Wedding Prep + Getting Ready Photos

So I have to admit, before every wedding I get butterflies in my stomach. Crazy I know, after four years I still get nervous. But here is the thing, its always new and unique to me. A new couple, aView full post »

Summer Love + Lovebirds

Jessica + Charles Summertime…my favorite time of year. The smell of fresh cut grass, an ice cold sweet tea in my hand and listening to song birds filling the air with enchanting melodies. OhView full post »

Exquisite Love + Charming Spirit

Allyson + Hakija What can I say…Allyson and Hakija are truly amazing people. They are warm, inviting, open, true and deeply in love. Some people we meet in this world are magnetizing and have aView full post »

Young Love + A Blossoming Marriage

Michelle + Chris Michelle and Chris started their love story as high school sweethearts. The bell would ring between classes and the halls filled with millions of footsteps, laughter, chatter and theView full post »

Cappuccino Blend of Love + Romance

Jessica + Charles The smell of fresh coffee filed the air and decadent deserts sat waiting to be enjoyed with laughter and love. As you peered into the vintage shop books about love, romance,View full post »

Breaking Tradition + Why I’m All 4 It

Tradition has it that the Groom shall not see his Bride the day of their wedding until she is walking down the aisle to say “I Do”. Otherwise it’s super bad luck! Bad luck…View full post »

Setting Sail + Waves of Love

Rosa + Steve Boats…Brandon and I love to paddle board, kayak, jet ski and tube on the back of speed boats, however, (for me at least) jumping on a slow moving large boat caused a bit of panic.View full post »

Love Journey + Dress Blues

 Georgia + Zac There is one question I ask every Bride; What Are The Top Three Things We Should Know About Your Wedding: Georgia’s answers – 1.) We are Christians 2.) My fiance is goingView full post »

Shooting as a Team – Top 10 Tips

While getting ready for a wedding last weekend, Brandon and I were way ahead of schedule (as I always prefer to be) and had a great opportunity to sit back relax and dream. Of course I startedView full post »

Featured Shoot: Trendy Bride: Samantha + Ryan

A few weeks ago Brandon and I photographed a styled wedding in Safety Harbor, Florida. We choose pink and mint as the design theme with all paper accents and coordinated an awesome team to help bringView full post »

Smitten + Paradise

Nicholle + Taylor Smitten…one of my favorite words to describe how we feel about wedding photography. There is just something awe-inspiring about making a bride feel gorgeous on her weddingView full post »

Shooting + the Rings

I love to hear stories of our couples’ spontaneous romantic proposals; well spontaneous for her and shaking hands with quivering voice for him that is;) Diving into their love stories allowView full post »

Living Out-loud + From The Heart

Walking out of the cabin to feel the cool misty morning on my face and seeing the sun rays stream through the canopy tops. Meandering along the glistening river side hearing the enchanted waterfallView full post »

Fairytale + Switchfoot Sweethearts

Skylar + Will One word…Darling! Switchfoot was rocking on stage to a packed out arena and in a maze of thousands of people their eyes met. Will saw her beautiful smile and she saw his gallantView full post »

Unplugged + Wedding?

Unplugged…I admit its a word that gives me a brief moment of panic when I hear it. I rely on so much technology, social networking and plugged in communication that living without it would beView full post »

Blueberries + Antique Engagement Ring

Danielle + Jon It was a warm beautiful day in Sonoma California with a breeze that brought a delightful ticked to the neck. Danielle and Jon were on a much desired vacation in wine country. “IView full post »

From Nitty Gritty -to- Fun, Flirty & Fabulous

Shooting In The City I grew up in the Windy City of Chi Town and loved it. I could also envision romance on it’s city sidewalks as people would hold hands at the corners waiting to cross theView full post »

Love + City Sidewalks + East Side Story

Amanda + Brian Being raised in the “Windy City” or if you like to call it “Chi-town” whatever you prefer; I love the city life. History is only a sidewalk crack away with oldView full post »

City Style + Sea Salt Love

Melissa + AJ Her eyes are ocean blue with cascading waves of gorgeous hair. Her smile is bright like the sun that kisses his face in the light. Beautiful brown sugar sprinkles lay ever so softly onView full post »

Love Video From Brandon

Walking down the hall to our office ready to begin responding to emails and editing photos. The office is dark as I approach but I notice a soft glow from my computer screen. “Thats funny, didView full post »