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Exquisite Love + Charming Spirit

Allyson + Hakija What can I say…Allyson and Hakija are truly amazing people. They are warm, inviting, open, true and deeply in love. Some people we meet in this world are magnetizing and have aView full post »

Young Love + A Blossoming Marriage

Michelle + Chris Michelle and Chris started their love story as high school sweethearts. The bell would ring between classes and the halls filled with millions of footsteps, laughter, chatter and theView full post »

Cappuccino Blend of Love + Romance

Jessica + Charles The smell of fresh coffee filed the air and decadent deserts sat waiting to be enjoyed with laughter and love. As you peered into the vintage shop books about love, romance,View full post »

Breaking Tradition + Why I’m All 4 It

Tradition has it that the Groom shall not see his Bride the day of their wedding until she is walking down the aisle to say “I Do”. Otherwise it’s super bad luck! Bad luck…View full post »

Setting Sail + Waves of Love

Rosa + Steve Boats…Brandon and I love to paddle board, kayak, jet ski and tube on the back of speed boats, however, (for me at least) jumping on a slow moving large boat caused a bit of panic.View full post »