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Tying The Trinity Knot + Joy Filled Love

Melissa + AJ This past weekend we were extremely blessed with the opportunity to capture the moments as Melissa + AJ said “I DO”. Time was in slow-motion. He knelt before the cross in aView full post »

How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?

This is a great question and one we get often. To be honest, the night Brandon and I sat down to official pick our wedding day (over 5 years ago now) we also starting looking into who we wanted toView full post »

Intimate @ Home Engagement Session

Julia + John We often get the question from our couples, “where should we do our engagement session?”. Great question, and if you want our opinion, trust me, we have them. Our opinionsView full post »

Wedding Cake, Heels + Diamonds…OH MY

Skylar + Will Ok, so I am a bit of a shoe fanatic, I LOVE shoes. The good news is that Brandon can’t say much because he (thanks to me) has a ton of shore too. What can I say, I would be theView full post »

Love, Romance + The Beach

Summer + Patrick She is beautiful blonde and blue eyes He is tall dark and handsome They share a deep love and kindred spirit When we asked them “where and how do you spend your timeView full post »

XOXO Hugs + Kisses “I Do”

Sarah + Mark We have all grown up with the game of tic tac toe. The main object being to get all your X’s or O’s in a row. As I was growing up I always thought of it as getting all yourView full post »

Photography Tips – Capturing A Genuine Smile

Brandon and I are often asked, “How do you capture such a genuine smile”? Followed by, “I love how it does not look posed”. We love this question because that is exactly ourView full post »