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Featured: Modern Weddings – Danielle + Josh

When we first met Danielle + Josh, it was over chocolate & wine. We chatted about their wedding day, listened to their love story, and all the gorgeous details they had planned for their weddingView full post »

The Baltimore Ballrooms, Atlanta Wedding: Nataly + Jesse

It was about their vows, their love and their future. As Nataly walked down the aisle to Jesse you could see it all in their eyes. Big tears filled Jesse’s eyes as the first glance of hisView full post »

Our Tiny A-Frame Home Office

Our Tiny A-Frame Home Office That We LOVE! When we made the leap from a 2000 square foot home with an attached 300 square foot studio + a 100 square foot office to a tiny A-frame home in theView full post »

Five Simple Way to Improve Groomsmen Portraits

Truth…guys tend to feel a little more awkward in front of the camera. We totally get it. The first time Brandon had to sit in front of the camera for one of our business films he totally frozeView full post »

Ball Ground Georgia Wedding at the Corner District: Kathryn + Addison

Ball Ground Wedding at the Corner District Their Story As he held the mic in his hand, the crowd chanting, and the drums rumbling out a beat that moves the soul she walked in. She saw him on stageView full post »


HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH BRIDESMAIDS My Darlings, photographing a wedding is hard work! It is both physically and mentally challenging and requires one’s creativity to be on point at all times. And weView full post »

Minnehaha Falls Engagement Shoot: Christina + Jim

Adventurous Engagement Shoot at Minnehaha Falls! They walked hand in hand up what seemed to be an enchanted trail embraced by hues of gold, red and orange. A cool breeze could be felt in the air asView full post »

Black Bride Feature: Quanteria + Le’ Juan

The write up on Quanteria and Le’ Juan love story by Black Bride was spot on, it say’s, “Quanteria and Le’ Juan met in August of 2011. They were both living in a collegeView full post »

Foxhall Resort Wedding: Heather + Ryan

Gorgeous Wedding  with Three Pastors, Washing of Feet and so Much Love Ryan + Heather… where do we begin?! Let’s start with their faith in Christ since that is what brought these twoView full post »


Adventurous Engagement Shoot A while back we shared a few tips for adventurous couples on our FB page and since then we have received so many requests to share the tips again. So… we decided toView full post »

New Years Resolutions

Brandon’s New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions What are my New Year’s Resolutions? I have to be honest, I, Brandon don’t usually get into making commitments that are vague or unmeasurable. So when it comesView full post »

Photography: How to Recover Photos from a Bad Memory Card

How to Recover Photos from a bad memory card?  This is most likely every photographers worst nightmare. It’s a late night after a GORGEOUS HIGH-END WEDDING, you get back to the studio andView full post »

Michelle’s New Years Resolutions

I pretty much fully dork out when it comes to making and keeping my New Years Resolutions. I even do a six-month check in June to see how my resolutions are going… like I said full dorkView full post »