Ally + David

A fun evening in Dunedin with Yoda, a Brewery, George RR Martin and love. Can all these things really go together in an engagement shoot. You betcha! Love can keep it together and I’m not talking about Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield’s #1 hit in 1975. HAHA random songs always come to mind as I blog, or really while I am doing anything;-)

Ok, so this past weekend we captured the love between Ally and David. Before a shoot, I encourage our couples to think about what makes their relationship unique. For instance, I will ask “where do you like to hangout?, what do you like to do?, are you outdoorsy or city slickers?“. This gets the creative juices flowing. Of course we go over more than that but it gives you an idea.

Here is Ally’s oh so cute response:
We’re really mostly geeky + outdoorsy types– very laid back, easy… we thrive on creative arts projects. We always have plants growing somewhere in our apartment, and he knows I can’t resist flowers or small fuzzy creatures of any kind. (It’s a running theme/joke.)”

Ally continues. “We’d love to take a humorous approach to the pictures. One of the best parts of our relationship is that we always find a way to make each other laugh. We’re going to bring some “props” to play with the idea, too:

• Books by one of our favorite authors (George RR Martin, Tolkien)
• Stormtrooper helmet & a little green Yoda backpack – Dave is currently working on building a full Stormtrooper costume to join The 501st Legion (they do charity/volunteer work, all in movie-quality Star Wars costumes) and we’re both huge Star Wars nerds…”

This is how it all went down, we started at the eastern most tip of down town Dunedin and worked our way to the water including all that Ally and David love as a couple.

Horn Photo-Desing-0003

Horn Photo-Desing-0008

Horn Photo-Desing-0021

Horn Photo-Desing-0020

Horn Photo-Desing-0013

Horn Photo-Desing-0022

Horn Photo-Desing-0025

Horn Photo-Desing-0028

Horn Photo-Desing-0026

Horn Photo-Desing-0036

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