Blueberries + Antique Engagement Ring

Danielle + Jon

It was a warm beautiful day in Sonoma California with a breeze that brought a delightful ticked to the neck. Danielle and Jon were on a much desired vacation in wine country. “I could live in wine country!” They headed up to Ferrari Carano for a palate awaking wine tasting. A wonderful treat! Jon decided to ask Danielle if she would join him for a walk through the beautiful gardens sweetly nuzzled between the gorgeous rolling foothills. Jon reached for the antique engagement ring, that unknown to Danielle, was on a neckless he had been wearing for the past three days. He was waiting for the perfect moment and keeping it close to his heart. She said YES!!

HELLOMelt my heart…did I mention they had me at wine!” Unfortunately we don’t live in wine country, however we do have Keel and Curly”s Winery. Love this place.

Horn Photo-Design-0010

Horn Photo-Design-0012

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