Brooke & John Engagement + Aflac Duck

Brooke + John

The first cool weekend we have had here in Florida we got to spend with Brooke & John for there engagement shoot! Fun does not even begin to describe the incredible time we had. Brooke & John met at Publix so they wanted to incorporate a store into their photos, but they wanted to match their style. They both love to cook together, have picnics and enjoy the country side so we headed to a local farmers market, John’s Produce (Thanks John!)

While we were there we captured a few photos of the two picking out their holiday pumpkin, oh and did I mention that John purposed to Brooke in a pumpkin patch. Hence the ring shot on the pumpkin, so cute. After these two love birds had some fun shopping for fresh strawberries, rich chocolate, tasty cookies, crisp apples and a few large carrots we headed to Bareback Ranch (Thanks Jimmy) for a sweet picnic and horses. This is a girl’s dream come true.

While we were there a little duck that looks just like the Aflac duck escorted us around the property the entire time. He let us know where we could go and what was off limits according to him! I found myself looking for the “major medical” bird to come diving in at any moment.

Horn Photo-Desing-0035

Horn Photo-Desing-0071

Horn Photo-Desing-0085

Horn Photo-Desing-0089

Horn Photo-Desing-0130

Horn Photo-Desing-0152

Horn Photo-Desing-0173

Horn Photo-Desing-0366

Horn Photo-Desing-0371

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