Champagne + Love + Baseball

Sarah + Mark

It is ever so charming and cute when a guy is willing to embarrassing himself a bit to get the girl. Mark did just that.

It was a new year for the Rays and time to bring in the several marketing interns they acquire each year to work at the stadium. The interns all gathered together for a meeting and were equipped with walkie-talkies; always a fun item to have on hand. During this little meeting on a warm Florida morning Sarah’s stunning beauty caught Mark’s eye. Each intern introduced themselves, were assigned their jobs and went separate ways. However, all Mark could think of was the gorgeous girl that just made his jaw drop and heart race.

So…having no idea where she was in the stadium he peered down at his walkie-talkie. Mark switched to the universal channel; with a pause to gather his thoughts and a deep breath, he pressed the button, “Mark to Sarah – Over“. “This is Sarah go ahead – Over” Mark was a bit flushed but still proceeded knowing he would be razzed good for this one “A few of us are going out tonight, would you like to come out with me?” And there it is, the moment that makes the butterflies in your stomach go crazy and a warm energetic feeling fill your entire being. Sarah giggled and responded, “Yes, that sounds like fun to me“.

It’s been TRUE LOVE ever since!

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