City Style + Sea Salt Love

Melissa + AJ

Her eyes are ocean blue with cascading waves of gorgeous hair. Her smile is bright like the sun that kisses his face in the light. Beautiful brown sugar sprinkles lay ever so softly on her checks. He is enthralled with her exquisiteness!

Love; my favorite thing in the world! City life and relaxed sandy beaches kissing… my next favorite thing. So… you can imagine my excitement as Melissa and I discussed her and AJ’s engagement shoot and began to look at Down Town St. Pete. Not every place in the world is as blessed as Florida to have city sidewalks gracefully encompassing a sea salt oasis.

This was the perfect location to highlight Melissa’s amazing beauty and AJ’s sweet handsome charm. Their love coming together in front of our camera created fireworks.

Horn Photo-Design-0006

Horn Photo-Design-0005

Horn Photo-Design-0009

Horn Photo-Design-0011

Horn Photo-Design-0016

Horn Photo-Design-0023

Horn Photo-Design-0025

Horn Photo-Design-0030

Horn Photo-Design-0039

Horn Photo-Design-0044

Horn Photo-Design-0050

Horn Photo-Design-0056

Horn Photo-Design-0069

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