Eco Love Sneak Peek

Anna + Michael

Meet Anna and Michael! This fun loving couple is captivated by life’s natural beauty and preserving that beauty. Not only is Anna a nurse and Michael in the Coast Guard, they both have a hand in saving lives every day; they are also eco friendly in all they do. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to bring out some DIY newspaper projects for the shoot. Not only was it fun and cute but also totally green! Anna and Michael loved it!

At one point I handed Anna the newspaper and scissors saying, “do you remember how to make a paper doll chain?” Lets be honest, none of us have done that since first grade…right! I tried at home and failed at my first attempt. But not Anna; she said, “I think so” and away she went. Within 5min she put down the scissors and opened up a perfect paper doll chain. This may sound like a small task to some of you, but for us, 4 grown adults, we were all freaken amazed! Life is Good!

After the little DIY projects these two love birds munched on some popcorn; well the little bit that actually stayed in cups that is. View the photo below to see what I mean. Then we wrapped up the session with a walk by the chapel and their two cheeks pressed together in a warm embrace. Love is sweet!


Photography and Design-0032

Photography and Design-0064

Photography and Design-0213

Photography and Design-0168

Photography and Design-0441

Photography and Design-0538

Photography and Design-0490

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