Galoshes + Umbrella + Kisses Oh My… Sneak Peek

Tiffany + Michael

Tiffany & Michael love to fish, play in the rain and of course, like any newly engaged couple, they LOVE to KISS! This past Saturday was overcast with some sprinkles and mist, I was thinking I left Florida and ended up in Seattle. Truth be told, I actually get excited when we have a misty overcast day. These days are so few and far between, I just want to grab some tea, my galoshes and an umbrella then sit by the ocean and read a good book or cuddle with my hubby. I know, I am a hopeless romantic.

Anywho, it was the perfect weather for Tiffany & Michael’s shoot. They both enjoy fishing along the banks with some tasty snacks in hand and plenty of love to share. So that is what we did. They started off with “gone fishing” and ended with kissing in the misty sprinkles by the little Lakeland city lake. So cute and romantic!

Horn Photo-Design-0029

Horn Photo-Design-0039

Horn Photo-Design-0005

Horn Photo-Design-0017

Horn Photo-Design-0045

Horn Photo-Design-0048

Horn Photo-Design-0056

Horn Photo-Design-0074

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