Hearts Set Afire… With Love

Jamie + Andrew

Three years ago Jamie + Andrew met along side the chaos of flashing lights and emergency sirens. Jamie was a paramedic and Andrew a Firefighter responding to the call of saving lives. Little did they know that their own hearts would be set afire for each other. I can only imagine how time stood still when Andrew first saw Jamie with her bright smile and beautiful eyes. Love is beautiful. He in turn mustered up the courage to ask Jamie for her number and a date night. Sparks Flew!

Let’s fast forward three years with the fire of love burning even brighter. Andrew took Jamie to a cabin nestled on the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. The day was rainy and misty, he invited her ever so sweetly to hike with him to the top of the mountain. An adventure to see the grandeur of creation. Once they reached the top, taking in all the beautify that surrounded them, Andrew dropped to one knee with the ring in hand and asked Jamie to be his one true love forever. As a light mist covered them gently on the mountain peak… she said yes.

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