Love + City Sidewalks + East Side Story

Amanda + Brian

Being raised in the “Windy City” or if you like to call it “Chi-town” whatever you prefer; I love the city life. History is only a sidewalk crack away with old beautiful architecture holding memories of yester years dance in the sun. In the summer the aroma of street vendors selling tasty treats, cell phones ringing, people laughing, trains passing through and busses flying by are an orchestra of life in motion. As a child I would find a cool shady tree to sit under and watch as everyone’s busy lives passed me by, wondering, “what is it going to be like when I grow up?”. Wondering if I would still find time to sit under a shady tree, listen to the city and watch life pass by me. I am proud to say, I still find time to do this, and now it’s hand n’ hand with my husband.

Because of my love of the city, I was stoked to be capturing the love story of Amanda + Brian in Ybor City. I affectionately call it the “East Side Story”. By the way, if you have not watched “West Side Story” please do, its a classic love story much watch:) (Ok back on topic) Amanda and Brian were a blast to work with. Lets just say… being relaxed, totally into each other, laughing and smiling came absolutely natural to them. Beautiful Ybor City provided the perfect back drop for there dazzling chemistry!

Horn Photo-Design Insta-0007

Horn Photo-Design Insta-0002

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