Loves Light Shines Bright + Love Runs Deep to the Heart

Katelyn + Ryan

Brandon and I have been blessed with the opportunely of knowing Katelyn and her heart warming family for the past 7 years. Truth be told, they have welcomed us in as a part of their amazing family with open arms. So naturally, when Katelyn + Ryan starting dating, we were very inquisitive, excited and joy filled. It was clear right from the start that they were head over heals for each other. Right before the best holiday of the year, Christmas, Ryan asked the DIVINE questions “Will You Marry Me!” Obviously Katelyn said “YES!”

Katelyn posted on her FB “Ryan and I are getting married!!!! We are so excited for this special, beautiful and magical journey. I cannot wait to become Mrs. Thiel and marry my best friend!!”

Best friends they truly are; their love shines bright, beautiful and true. The gentle and romantic way that Ryan looks at Katelyn is breathtaking. He offers her his strength and an adventure to partake in. She offers back a beauty to be unveiled and the excitement to begin an adventure. The love they share runs deep, grounded in faith and rooted in trust.

Kayla, Katelyn’s sister said it best: “Congrats to the newly engaged couple! I am so excited for my sister and Ryan to be getting married this year; I couldn’t have prayed for you to find a better future husband sis, you two are soul mates ! Praise God for this exciting journey!”

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