Morgan + Joey Love & Laughter

Morgan + Joey

The Largo Botanical Gardens were filled with laughter, fun, a game of “go fish” and tons of love this past week as we captured moments of Morgan & Joey in love as they prepare for their beautiful wedding day. The Converse were a necessity for the shoot, as the guys may just be wearing them for the wedding, we will just have to wait and see.

How Morgan & Joey met in Morgan’s words, “I went to a symphonic band concert one night with my friend Rebecca. Afterwards, she invited me out to Steak and Shake with her boyfriend, his roommate and her boyfriend’s brother (Joey). Afterwards we went to her boyfriend’s apartment to play Quelf (a board game). Joey and I kept making eye contact throughout the night. The next day, he sent me a message on Facebook, and eventually we started talking for hours every day. A month or so later, we started dating!

Eyes met and hearts began to race. The chaotic world continues around them, but for just a few moments time and place are forgotten. All thoughts melt and only two things remain, the way they smile and the bashful look away. This look away only last for a moment, then their eyes meet again. Deep breath, a little hope, a lot of courage; then repeat:-) True Love.

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