Paige + Walker SUN KISSED Misty Mountain Engagement Session

This past Friday we had the joyful blessing of documenting a spring engagement session for Paige + Walker. The session was actually a graduation gift for Paige from Walker, but since their wedding is not until September of this year we are calling it their spring engagement session (we idd a beautiful on with them this past fall as well). Paige loveslovesloves photos, so for her this was the perfect present!

We believe that when you’re in love you should document as much of it as possible. Fifty – sixty years of marriage flies by in what seams like a blink of an eye so every moment of that love story matters. Those moments of yours are priceless.

Friday evening was GORGEOUS! Around 5pm the spring rain finally gave way to golden sun and blue Skys.

To our delight as the sun began to set and we ventured into the mountains that surrounded the vineyard a soft misty fog covered the tall grass and white wild flowers.

Paige + Walkers hearts seemed to melt into one as they danced among the mist and flowers.

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