Raspberries, Flowers & Kisses Oh My Sneak Peek

Lauren + Michael

The shoot took place in the heart of St. Pete which was full of life this past Saturday. All the restaurants were full as people were dinning outside in the beautiful 70 degree weather here in FL. Every cute little boutique and art shop was all a buzz and full on wedding photo shoots were happening all around us. The energy was bountiful and overflowed on to us and Lauren n’ Michael.

Um… did I mention how cute and photogenic these two are! Sweet does not even begin to describe how wonderful Lauren is and Gentleman falls way short on describing how chivalrous Michael is. God is awesome and brings together the best loves! The shoot started off with berries and colorful windmills under the large old Banyan trees. A little game of hide and seek took place around the trees. This was all followed with a leisurely stroll by the water and some playful running on the docks.

We had an amazing time working with these love birds.

Horn Photo-Design 1-0028

Horn Photo-Design 1-0027

Horn Photo-Design 1-0029

Horn Photo-Design 1-0007

Horn Photo-Design 1-0012

Horn Photo-Design 1-0015

Horn Photo-Design 1-0019

Horn Photo-Design 1-0033

Horn Photo-Design 1-0042

Horn Photo-Design 1-0049

Horn Photo-Design 1-0052

Horn Photo-Design 1-0062

Horn Photo-Design 1-0070

Horn Photo-Design 1-0073


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