Strong Rock Camp Proposal: Brandon + Hannah

It was the first week of April when Brandon sent us and email stating that he was going to propose to his girlfriend in August at Strong Rock Camp in Cleveland Georgia and he wanted us to document it all! Four months in advance my friends, now that is a man with a plan.

Brandon’s plan was to take Hannah horseback riding for the afternoon. Then upon returning to the barn, with family + friends hiding inside, he would have their little boy walk out of the barn with a shirt on that said “Mommy will you marry daddy?”. Once she turned back around to see him he would be on one knee.

And it went down perfectly!

Brandon chose Strong Rock Camp because years ago Hannah worked there. Her nick name was Rodeo! It was a spacial place for her that always brought so many found memories.

Hannah was totally surprised. With tears of joy and shaking hands she said yes… the smile on Brandon’s face said it all!

Hannah then turned around again to see all their friends + family there.

After big hugs and cheers of excitement and about 15min to take it all in we then stole Brandon + Hannah away for some photos.

The horses were quite photogenic too!

Cheers to you both Brandon and Hannah your wedding is going to be amazing! And Brandon your proposal was perfect!!

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