Waves of Love + Nautical Charm

Vera + Eric 

We love Fridays, for us they are either the start of a weekend full of capturing moments of love and romance as it fill the air or the start of a fabulous 3 day weekend. Whether we are working or relaxing we always feel so blessed with the life we share. And isn’t that what it’s all about… loving each other and loving life.

This past Friday we started our evening capturing moments of Vera + Eric, so much in love and absolutely fabulous. The love they have for each other is warm, true and deep; like the beautiful ocean bay that graced the background of the shoot. A warm breeze gently tousled Vera’s hair and feathery white clouds kissed the sun provided soft supple light.

Horn Photo & Design V+E-0045Horn Photo & Design V+E-0002Horn Photo & Design V+E-0006Horn Photo & Design V+E-0007Horn Photo & Design V+E-0008Horn Photo & Design V+E-0010Horn Photo & Design V+E-0011Horn Photo & Design V+E-0020Horn Photo & Design V+E-0014Horn Photo & Design V+E-0015Horn Photo & Design V+E-0016Horn Photo & Design V+E-0022Horn Photo & Design V+E-0026Horn Photo & Design V+E-0029Horn Photo & Design V+E-0031Horn Photo & Design V+E-0032Horn Photo & Design V+E-0036Horn Photo & Design V+E-0038Horn Photo & Design V+E-0039Horn Photo & Design V+E-0042

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