You Will Forever Be My Always – Maria + Kevin Dunedin FL Engagement

Maria + Kevin

The evening was gorgeous last week as we met up with Maria + Kevin at the Dunedin Marina to capture their amazing love story. Upon starting the shoot Maria shared with me a framed quote that spoke volumes of how her and Kevin feel about each other.

“You Will Forever Be My Always”

It was the perfect inspiration for their shoot and totally sums up their love story. The two of them met their freshman year of high school in the marching band. Maria missed band camp and Kevin helped her find all the spots she needed to go to at their first practice. Maria lovingly refers to their story as,“It’s a cute geeky story”. They are a perfect match with a radiant joy that sends out amazing vibes to everyone who meets them. I have known Maria for quite a few years know, she is a beautiful woman. She adores everything that is cute, fuzzy, warm, soft or has hearts on it and she will share this with everyone… I LOVE IT! When she explains why  Valentines day is her favorite holiday, you can’t help but begin to fall in love with the holiday too (and this is coming from someone who never really particularly got into Valentines Day). Her out look on life is inspiring. When you see her and Kevin together you can see that he too is inspired by her love for life. The look he gives her reflects the quote perfectly, “You Will Forever Be My Always” .

Horn Photography & Design Markev-019

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