Featured: Occasions Magazine Online: Lauren + Alec

There are two thing that will always come to mind when I think of Lauren and Alec’s wedding. First, our conversation about Octopi vs. Octopuses… yeah, we really had that awkward and very halarious conversation. And second, the deep real friendship that Lauren and Alec have with each other. It was obvious that they were both marrying their best friend.

One of my favorite moments was capturing the two of them sitting on the bench in front of the large fish tank. His arm gently pulling her in and whispering “I love you” in her ear. It’s these moments that make me so overjoyed to be blessed with the gift of being a photographer.

I have a secret little hope… when I am 70 years old, I hope to be walking hand in hand with Brandon through the aquarium past the large fish tank. At that moment we see Lauren and Alec sitting on that bench, it’s their wedding anniversary and he is whispering “I love you” in her ear. (I can’t help it, I LOVE romantic movies!) We love what we do because of the people we meet along the way, the memories we are gifted with and love we get to witness and share in.

Speaking of love, we are humbled, honored and so thankful to be featured on Occasions Magazine Online by Jennifer Taylor ! The wedding took place at the beautiful Florida Aquarium and, the aquarium looked amazing. Lauren did a brilliant job of bringing her nautical wedding vision to life.

View full post here: http://www.occasionsonline.com/tampa-wedding-at-florida-aquarium-by-horn-photography-and-design/ 


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