A Few Things You May Not Know About Me ( Michelle Horn)

I am the kind of person who likes LOVES working with people I jive with! People who get me and I get them… sharing good vibes, having the same sense of humor, finding the same things adorable and having like minds makes working with others a dream come true. And I have to admit, I’ve been abundantly blessed when it comes to working and connecting with AMAZING peeps!

Like SERIOUSLY, I have never had a bridezilla, groomzilla, momzilla or any type of Zilla.


I firmly believe it is because I choose to cultivate deeper relationships with our clients + I intentionally share who I am. I used to be scared to share who I am, scared that I was not enough or too much.  But over the years I realized the more I share, the more amazing people I connect with. I’ve also learned that sharing who I truly am diverges people from my path who are not a fit, and that is ok.

Here are a few things about me you may not know… if you can relate lets connect! BEAUTIFUL souls think alike:)

• Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
My husband, because we share this crazy wonderful life together. We started out as best friends and we continue to be best friends each and everyday. He has seen me at my best and my worst! He is there when I cry, laugh, tremble, shout with joy + giggle with embarrassment and through it all he still loves me.

• What is the one dream for your life you most look forward to achieving?
Building our own Tiny House on 10 acres or more of land. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually look forward to owning less stuff. Each month we go through our house and purge. Slowly but surely our minimalist lifestyle is blossoming.

• How often do you doodle?
Anytime I talk on the phone.

• What is the most important thing in the world to you?
My prayer life. I hold my daily pray so close to my heart and without it I would crumble. My morning prayer time clears my mind, purifies my soul, give me direction and firms up my foundation.    

• What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
I believed that somewhere in-side of me I had super powers, I just needed to figure out how to unlock them.

• When do you feel most afraid?
When a family member or friend is sick or hurt. Getting the phone call that a loved one just got rushed to the hospital or their home was hit by a tornado makes my heart race, my stomach sick, my hands shake and lungs hyperventilate. I have had this happen way to many times and it frightens me to death.

• What was your favorite movie growing up?
The Gonnies!

• What three interests are you most passionate about?
Organic Green Living + Self Sustaining
Outdoor Adventures  (hiking – biking – kayaking – camping – paddle boarding – snowboarding… you name it I love it!)

• How important is food to you? Do you feel disciplined when it comes to eating?
LOVELOVELOVE food!! If I could eat anything and everything I would. However, about two years ago I became Lactose intolerant. So bad I ended up in the hospital. Giving up dairy has been one of my hardest challenges, but I have done it successfully and I feel so much better because of it. This year I became gluten intolerant as well… my life. So I have had to learn what all has gluten in it, a lot of stuff! Oh and I have never been able to stomach red meet since I was a child. I swear my body is trying to make me into the perfect eating machine, not by choice, at first, but by force. Due to all of this I have become a flexitarian meaning 80-90% of my diet is plant based and 10-20% is turkey, chicken or fish. By choice I eat no processed food and everything is organic. Extreme I know, but eating like this makes me feel AMAZING!

• What is in my purse right now?
Umm.. let me look. My journal, headphones, an Altoids can which hold our business cards, eight pens (good grief time to clear those out – I promise I’m not a pen clepto), Ocean Saline Nasal Spray for my fall allergies, 3 tinted chapsticks, one regular chapsticks, two lip balms, natural lip liner (I mean a girl can never have enough chapsticks) and my wallet.



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