December 22, 2016

Client Gifts: The Art + The Experience

Over the last 7 years Brandon and I have adored each and every couple we have worked with. Our mission right from the start was to do more then just take photos, we wanted to create an experience for our clients. An experience which fostered a real relationship where our clients felt valued, respected and most of all loved.

A little piece of this experience was to make a connection through thank you letters and personalized gifts to show our gratitude + love.  Gifting is so much more than just the exchange of objects, for us it’s a way to communicate and to send a message of  love, affection, and appreciation. We believe the gift becomes a wish for someone’s happiness. This little piece, to our surprise,  has yield a plethora of joyous responses. It’s like a beautiful circle of LOVE!

This year we put together a gift set of sorts for our couples which included a personalized framed graphic of the state they married in and a heart right on the location, a dark chocolate bar saying thank you and 2 pairs of gloves to keep them warm this Christmas.

We literally just sent these out 2 days ago and they are already popping up on Instagram stories and feeds.  One of our beautiful couples responded with,  “We just opened your sweet gift and it is being hung on the wall TODAY! We absolutely love it. Thank you so so much, y’all are the best!”

This melted our hearts because making others smile, letting then know they are appreciated and loved means the world to us. That’s an experience. That’s a love language and it’s everything we want our clients to know and feel.

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