Courage to Live an Extraordinary Life…

As I sit an gaze at all the old photos my mother has brought over for me to restore my mind begins to wonder. I find myself thinking, what does it take to live and extraordinary life?

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Genius IQ?
Physical Strength?

What do people remember? Who do I want to remember me? The questions just kept coming in. I over analyze everything by the way, it drives me crazy. I get that from my father, I love that man. Tangent sorry; ok back on track. I began to google how to live and extraordinary life. HAHA don’t say this did not cross your mind, we all google everything these days. I came across 100 tips to live and extraordinary life, I am only listing the first 25 you can google the rest;-)

1. Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Extraordinary.
2. Dream Bigger than You Think is Attainable.
3. Get Inspired.
4. Develop a Routine and Rituals.
5. Exercise Everyday.
6. Start Your Day With Visualization.
7. Laugh and Play.
8. Create Short and Long Term Goals.
9. Love People and Use Money (not the opposite).
10. Do Something that Scares You.
11. Get up @ 5am.
12. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude.
13. Drink Lots of Fresh and Clean Water.
14. Smile at Strangers.
15. Meditate.
16. Hug Somebody.
17. Ask Yourself Questions That Help You Grow.
18. See Challenges as Opportunities.
19. Get a Mentor.
20. Know What You Value.
21. Be Somebody Others Respect.
22. Model Somebody You Respect.
23. Forgive Somebody Who’s Hurt You.
24. Find Time Each Day to Be Alone In Silence.
25. Spend Time in Nature.

I felt that, this is a great list to get me started. Plus, as you all know, I am very faith filled and I pray everyday so I also turned to scripture for help as well. Then it hit me, I need COURAGE! Above all courage. I can’t do any of this without courage. The funny thing is until I turned 30 I was who everybody said was courageous. I was a “dare devil”: eat anything once, go on any ride, say hello to anyone and ask them about anything, travel anywhere, try any sport and so on. However, once I turned 30 I started thinking twice before just jumping in to things. Along road of being a “dare devil” I had gotten food poisoning several times, over 100 stitches, a few broken bones, ran out of gas; you name it, it happened to me. At one point my mother said, “I hope you have a kid just like yourself!” HAHA, the funny thing is I was just like her. But did this make me extraordinary, um not really. It just cost a lot of money.

So my question becomes what is courage? For me I think its the ability to be still. To take time in silence and to not have fear of pressing pause. Having the courage to get on my knees and ask God to help me make the best decisions and excepting the outcome of those decisions. I think that once I have the courage to press pause on all the noise in my life thats when Extraordinary will find me.

Oh, and I plan on doing everything on that list of 100 tips, believe me! I will continue to live out loud – that’s just who I am created to be. But within, I want to be still, centered and truly courageous so not matter what comes my way I will not be ripped from my grounding. But instead stand strong and sturdy like redwood.

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