Embarrassing Moments + Outrageous Selfies + A Dream Come True

We have just completed a full 4 years of working tougher as a husband and wife photography team. The words blessed beyond belief fill my heart and often bring me to tears of joy. We are so deeply grateful to be navigating life tougher with parallel paths. As we enthusiastically embark on our 5th year of business we wanted to share a few behind the scene photos of what 2013 brought our way.

We have to be honest, behind the scenes wedding photography is not always as glamorous as one might imagine – but we won’t trade it for anything. It is a priceless piece of who we are and how we see the world. From some of the photos, you would think we are taking pics of each other to use as blackmail at a later date.

But lets face it, with a bearded red head as your husband, you never know what your going to get…

Horn Photo & Design -0038

I’m sometimes caught laying down on the job.

Horn Photo & Design -0002Other times I do squats and lunges. Great gluteus workout.

Horn Photo & Design -0004I’m short, so when it comes to the dress, Brandon is the one who styles it perfectly.

Horn Photo & Design -0008He also gets the award for OO7 wedding photographer of the year. Sophisticated and well dressed with a ton of gadgets.

Horn Photo & Design -0011

Yes, this is one that is embarrassing, I was trying to catch a butterfly for a senior shoot. Obviously the butterfly won.

Horn Photo & Design -0006Every now and then a couple will rent a photo booth for fun, don’t mind if we do:)

Horn Photo & Design -0010Sometimes they are my hardest critics…

Horn Photo & Design -0014Believe it or not this is a Brandon selfie, his refection in a mirror with a parrot on a wedding day. He is talented.

Horn Photo & Design -0017There is always that one groomsmen who likes to give me a had time. But lets face it, I love a challenge.

Horn Photo & Design -0015I also love showing our couple their photos as we go.

Horn Photo & Design -0016Horn Photo & Design -0033Brandon has a thing for selfies at every wedding, its become his trademark if you will. Here are just a few.

Horn Photo & Design -0022

Horn Photo & Design -0027Horn Photo & Design -0030

Horn Photo & Design -0032Horn Photo & Design -0034At times we are caught taking a selfie together.

Horn Photo & Design -0025

Horn Photo & Design -0036I’m a bit OCD, I always have to fluff the dress during formal portraits.

Horn Photo & Design -0031

Horn Photo & Design -0026Taking a moment to pause before organizing the family photo.

Horn Photo & Design -0024Living a dream come true.

Horn Photo & Design -0035

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