Office Revamp + Pallet Wall + Record Player

When I was a child we had a beautiful vintage record player with a slue of my parents favorite vinyl’s sitting next to it. As I would, ever so gently, lay the tone-arm on to the 33 the unforgettable sound of light fuzz with cracks and pops would perlude the sound of wonder to follow. Oh how a simple melody can bring you back in time; back to that era. The vinyl has aged, and so have I. But for some odd reason, the music has kept its youth and reminded me of mine. For this very reason I had to have a turntable in our office to greet our clients with harmony as they arrive.

Inspiration… music inspires, art inspires, phrases inspire and love inspires; for Brandon and I inspiration is everything. When taking on our Brassiness Revamp we wanted an office that inspires us and our clients. We wanted to walk into a piece of art everyday – a room that reflect who we are and was a 3D version of our Blog + Website. So we got creative and reached for some pallets. This is what we cerated.

Horn Photo+Design-0002IMG_7314IMG_7339IMG_7346


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