Our Goofy Side

Ok, so we like to make each other laugh, yes we have fun on the job! Often we arrive approximately 15 minutes early to any on location photo shoot. This gives us time to check lighting, equipment and make sure all of our pre planed spots are still as beautiful as they were the day we scouted the location. Well, sometimes this 15 minutes can turn into 30 to 45 minutes. See in Florida traffic is unpredictable especially during spring break so we leave the house way way early to make sure we are on time. There are only two things we are ever on time for, church and photo shoots. Everything else we are known for being notoriously late. Were talking like a hour late sometimes. However, when it comes to church and the business we are EARLY BIRDS!

What does this mean for us, play time! Of course we turn the camera on ourselves, old habits die hard. You can’t ever give Brandon your personal camera and say take a photo for us without him handing you the camera back with a few personal portraits of himself too. Yes we are that couple. We love each other, we like to make each other laugh and we entertain ourselves when no one else is there to do it for us. But seriously we really love what we do and having the opportunity to live out our dream together is a true blessing.


photo by Horn Photography and Design-0001photo by Horn Photography and Design-0003

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