Overwhelmed With Gratitude + Amazing Clients + In Every Moment

This past year was a challenge for us; managing the business, Brandon’s life teen program, our calendar and free time seemed to be almost impossible on occasion. We had moments of, “can we hang in there, can we do all of this and do it WELL?”

For us, it’s one thing to do it all, but it’s something totally different to do it all WELL, to really make sure your heart, soul and mind are in every moment. That was when it hit us… IN EVERY MOMENT. We decided that in order to take on all the blessings God had given us for 2013 we needed to be fully IN EVERY MOMENT. To be present at that time. To not worry about the past or future but to be in the NOW. This is how we made sure it was all done WELL.

But let’s face it, being present is a huge challenge with all life throws at you. However, because of all our amazing clients, their beyond wonderful words of support, love, and affirmation living in the now became a reality. We could not do what we love without our AMAZING CLIENTS so, to you all, we wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!

We are in some peoples lives for a long period of time and in others for only a brief moment, but when those moments are filled with love all is perfect.

Love + Rest + Dream + Nest

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Hand + Hand Their Adventure Begins

Horn Photo & Design-0018Horn Photo-Design-0015Horn Photo & Design-0020Teaser-0070Horn Photo-Design-0007

Horn Photo+Design -0041Horn Photo-Design 1-0047Horn Photo-Design-0078Teaser-0060Horn Photo-Design-0028Horn Photo-Design -0021Horn Photo-Design -0049Horn Photo-Design -0082Horn Photo-Design -0076Horn Photo-Design -0101Horn Photo-Design -0071Horn Photo-Design -0028Horn Photo-Design -0024Horn Photo-Design -0045Horn Photo-Design-0042Horn Photo-Design Insta-0007

City Style + Sea Salt Love

Horn Photo-Design -0021Horn Photo-Design-0056Horn Photo-Design-0016Horn Photo-Design -0043Horn Photo-Design-0011Horn Photo-Design 2-0044Horn Photo-Design-0122

Best Friends + Romance & LOVE

Horn Photo-Design -0048

Purple + Details + Diamonds

Horn Photo-Design-0409Horn Photo-Design-0064

Horn Photo-Design-0077

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