Pintrest Addiction


Pintrest quickly became an Addiction for us when it launched. It also became a great way to get to know our brides and couples!

Within the first week we joining Pintrest  we pined over 147 things and had 12 boards and now the numbers are infinite. But hello, we can get to know my brides and couples this way and vice versa. You can jump on and see what we love, our photography, things that make us laugh, our style and so on. But, even better, we can do the same with you. This will allow us to see what your style is just from the things you pin. You can create a board called “My Wedding” and add things to it that you are planing on using for your wedding. From your wedding colors, flowers, favors down to your napkins.

If your not on Pinteres and your one of our brides or couples let us know and we will invite you. You must be invited to join. We so excited about this amazing way to connect.

If you would like to check out our Pinterest boards go to:


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