Potatoes + Laughter…Christmas Cards

To all our clients we send Christmas Cards with love, joy + laughter. I say laughter because the amount of silliness and creative thinking that goes into them sometimes has us bursting at the seams with laughter.

Since we live in Florida snow is hard to come by, but I was determined to have snow in our Christmas photos. I was thinking glitter, baking soda, shredded paper… then I came across the idea of using instant mashed potato flakes. Brilliant I thought! I sent Brandon to the store for potatoes and set up the tripod in our front yard. We have gigantic evergreens in our front yard, perfecto. We set the self-timer and began to blow the potato flakes, throw them up in the air, cover the tree in them and basically have a food fight. The only thing we didn’t consider was getting the potatoes out of our hair. Oh that was fun! We officially became Mr. + Mrs. Potato Head for Christmas.

Horn Photo & Design Christmas-0006

Horn Photo & Design Christmas-0013Horn Photo & Design Christmas-0007ChristmasHorn Photo & Design Christmas2-0006Horn Photo & Design Christmas-Snow2Christmas Card FrontChristmas Card back


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