Reviewing My 2015 New Years Resolutions

Each year, about mid way threw, I like to sit on the porch, this year by our garden, with a cup of tea and review my new years resolutions to see how many I accomplished and where I need to work harder. 2015 RESOLUTION TO LIVE SIMPLY My goal was obviously to simplify our lives,  but little did I know that we would be moving to the North Georgia Mountains. In some ways the move helped a lot, and it others it has given me more of a challenge. Here is how I have faired so far:

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January: Minimalist Wardrobe √check – this one was fairly simple to do, a great start to my resolutions.

February: Learn to Evaluate Our Time – this was on track till the move and job change, looking to evaluate this one again in November.

March: Declutter the Kitchen √check kinda – we had it down to the essentials until we moved my mom in with us. She brought some extras and convincing her that simple is the way to go had been its own challenge.

April: Limit Our Social Media √check – honestly I think I kinda cheated on this one because we moved to a location that has almost no connection to the world so limiting this has become a breeze.

May: Redesign The Spare Bedroom √check kinda – we had the spare room redesigned in our old house, I did that in January to knock it out, but now that we moved I have to do this all over again.

June: Find Inner Simplicity – currently working on this now. Taking time to just be.

July: Office Summer Cleaning √check – this one was pretty much a breeze with the move.

August: Learn to Decompress From Stress √check – so since the move my stress level has fallen drastically, I am guessing it’s because I no longer watch the news or TV in general, I surround myself with nature and I pray everyday. Again all thanks to the move.
September: Garage Clean Up √check – Brandon is working on this this week. Its almost complete. Next years resolution will be to add storage in the garage.

October: Beauty Supply Graveyard – this one I have been working on all year as I am going fully organic with everyone I use on the hair and skin. Almost there.

November: Single-task –  not tackled yet… this one I have gotten so much better at and looking foward to checking it off in November.

December: Minimalize our Living Space – not tackled yet… looking froward to this one as well!

So the verdict is…  some I have completed, other still need more work and a few I have not even tackled yet. However I am happy with what I have done so far. I hope this inspired you to review your own resolutions and know that its not to late to pick them back up.

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