Shooting as a Team – Top 10 Tips

While getting ready for a wedding last weekend, Brandon and I were way ahead of schedule (as I always prefer to be) and had a great opportunity to sit back relax and dream. Of course I started dreaming about how to decorate our home and how nice it would be to have a pool with a waterfall. This moved into Brandon saying “lets do lunch at Taco Bell!”. I said “only if you say you love me most:)”. We then started talking about how blessed we are to shoot together as a husband and wife team. I usually take the lead on the wedding day in most cases, however, we are both pro-shooters. I never look at Brandon as my second shooter, but rather my partner… and together we create uniquely beautiful images that bring out the fun, flirty, fabulous and creative side in our couples.

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Here are the top 10 tips we live by when shooting as a team…

10. Professional Coordinating Attire
This may sound goofy to start the list with, but we have found that when we coordinate our outfits with each other and the brides colors, our couples, plus, their families LOVE IT. Yes…dress up for the wedding and add in a bit of the wedding day colors. Brandon wears a full suit with a tie or bow tie that coordinates with the wedding colors and I will wear a sleek black dress that incorporates the wedding colors or I’ll accessorize with jewelry in the wedding colors.

9. Bride & Groom Getting Ready Shots
One of the best parts about being a husband and wife team, is that I stay with the bride the entire time she is getting ready and I know that Brandon will be with the groom. Both of us know exactly what to capture and how to move our clients into poses that make them look amazing. And since the guys take less time to get ready Brandon also captures the reception details before the wedding starts. The key here is to discuss what shots each person is responsible for on the wedding day. Communicate – Communicate – Communicate!

8. Complimenting Style
It is essential for us as a team to have complimenting styles that tell the couples’ unique love story and stay consistent with our branding. You will never see us shooting over each other shoulders, well unless I am on Brandon’s shoulders capturing a unique angle! Make sure that when covering the same moments you do so at different angles, this brings the day to life.

7. Same Day Slideshow
I create a same-day slideshow to display at the reception, and Brandon always find a nearby work station (i.e. chair and outlet) for me to use. While I get the slideshow together Brandon keeps an eye and ear out for any memorable moments that need to be captured during dinner. Always choose a spot that is easily accessible to the reception area.

6. Gather the Family
During family formal photos only one of us will shoot and one will direct (I direct… lets face it, I’m louder). We prefer tripod work for these shots and Brandon’s height allows for better angles on family portraits. There’s a really short amount of time to execute the photos, so be sure to to have the entire family present so the group isn’t waiting for one person.

5. Taking Care of Vendors
During a wedding day, I usually don’t have time to cultivate friendships, but I always make sure to include every vendor throughout the day. If they need anything, I offer assistance. If the vendor dinner is served, I try to make sure everyone knows. It’s small things that ensure everyone feels like we’re on the same team…and there’s a high probability we’ll work together again in the future, so make sure to have everyone’s back.

4. Brandon Carries the Bags
I love working out and going to the gym, however, to carry our bags all day at a wedding still makes my back feel like it will brake. So…I have to admit that I absolutely love that Brandon carries all the bags. I probably owe him a few back rubs for all “man labor” he does without ever complaining.

3. Get Water
Here in Florida, it’s pretty much always hot, so keeping ourselves hydrated is very important. It’s pretty sweet how we are always watching out for one and other. We never grab water without grabbing some for the other. It’s how we say “I am thinking of you” during a busy wedding day.

2. Leave The Ego at the Door
This one doesn’t need much of an explanation as its more a rule for life in general. When you work as a team on the wedding day the main goal is to tell the couples’ unique and beautiful story. Yes, everyone prefers to shoot the bride getting ready, the bride and groom portraits, and getting the First Kiss standing in the center of the aisle. But we have to read each other and know who is strategicly placed for the best shot, realize they have the perfect positioning and take the opportunity to capture the shot in a new a creative way from our own vantage point. (We have pretty much created our own sign language for wedding days).

1. Pray Together
For us this is our number one key to a beautiful wedding day, we pray on our way to the wedding. It may sound cheesy, but that is where our hearts as husband and wife find comfort, strength and creativity.

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