Shooting Styles as a Husband + Wife Team

When we first started shooing as a husband + wife team, I have to admit, there was some “friendly” competition. I’m a bit competitive. Well … that may be an understatement, if you ask Brandon, I’m more like UBER competitive. It was a constant  question of who had the better angle, composition, framing, lighting and creativity. We could definitely see differences in our photography. However, the goal was to have a seamless transition tough out our images.  So we learned how to compliment each other.

Horn Photography & Design Shooting Style-0001Horn Photography & Design Shooting Style-0002

To do this, we broke down “Style” into two categories.

1.) Overall Style – this encompasses the vision for our brand which includes  natural light, natural light reflectors, low aperture, candid moments, journalistic shooting, and framing in thirds.

2.) Personal Style – the focuses here was on our strengths individually  Brandon is great at wide landscape images that pull back and tell the whole story along with crazy creative angles. My personal style is more intimate with close ups, details and creative angles.

Defining our Overall Style vs our Personal Styles helped us achieve the seamless flow we longed for. Our images quickly became seamless and we could no longer tell who’s was who’s anymore. Truly a beautiful thing.

Even better, our complimenting personal styles really capture our clients truest self in-depth giving a fullness and richness to their stories.

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