Taking 5 to Become a More Positive Person

1.) I Believe Being Positive is a Choice

This was the first and by far the hardest step I had to take if I was to change myself. I had to realize that being positive was a choice. I have noticed it’s easy to blame my negativity on everything else… experiences, relationships, stress, fate you name it. However, I have realized that no matter what has happened or is happening I can choose to be positive.


2.) Taking 5 Minuets a Day

I have made it a point to take 5 mins a day just for me. I sometimes use that time for a walk, prayer, journaling or just time to sit back and breath. This time may last longer then 5 mins and when it does, that is a truly beautiful thing. But each day I at least take 5!

I have also added taking an additional 5 with my hubby. Making sure that for at least 5 mins a day we are eye to eye full aware of each other presence and letting the rest of the world melt away.

3.) Seeing the Positive + Getting Rid of the Negative

God created it all and said “It is Good”. In every person, in every situation, there is something good. Most of the time it’s not obvious. I have to look…. sometimes I have to look very hard. I have also had to look at my negative habits and some not so good relationships. I know that if I want to live a positive and joyful life, I simply cannot be surrounded by negative habits or negative people who don’t encourage happiness.

I have noticed that negativity attacks negativity. Obviously no one is perfect and perfection isn’t my goal by far. But when it comes to positivity there were a few habits and people in my life that need to go.

4.) Being My Own Cheerleader

I have found it essential to reenforce myself with positivity. Instead of focusing on what I could have done better, or where I failed, I am focusing on my achievements and what I like about myself. My father always taught me that if you don’t love yourself you can’t truly love anyone else.

5.) Share Positivity + Love with Others

I have to say this is the best. I get so delighted when my positive attitude spread from one person to the next. It is a great joy to brighten someone else’s day. Positivity attacks positivity. And when I come upon someone who is a negative nancy, I remember that was me only a very short time ago. I love them anyway, shine on some positivity and more forward.

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