Taking Time To Breath

At the moment if you send us an email you will receive a reply that says:

“Hello + Thank You For Your Email,

We hope you are having a fabulous week and we are stoked that you are interested in our photography! We will be out of the office from Saturday September 20th – Monday September 29th on an adventure of love, joy, creative inspiration and family reunion. For us, taking time to breath, enjoy God’s creation and share love with family is essential. It is in these moments that we renew our creative juices allowing us to come back refreshed and even better at what we do.

We will be returning Tuesday September 30th at which time all emails and phone calls will be returned.

Thank you so much for contacting us and we look forward to taking with you soon.”


And yes, aside from taking the photo, this post is something I scheduled to post before we left so we are fully on relax mode at the moment. We need time to allow ourselves to relax, not just me and Brandon but all of us, you too.  I have recently found myself stumbling upon articles that talk about “Taking Time Out” or as I like to say “Taking Time To Breath”. They all say that making time to disconnect from technology and take care of ourselves is essential for us in the long run. When our bodies can relax and we put down the smart phones or laptops, our brains start to connecting the dots of our  life experiences.We have time to possess our own life allowing us all to be much healthier, happier and inspired. Truly something we long for.

Brandon and I are slowly learning to let go of the urge to stay busy + stay connected at all time and, instead, just breath. After all, life is so much better when its an adventure LIVED rather then googled;)

P.S. To our house sitters… we Love you and could not do this without you<3.

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