April 1, 2016

THE GRAY DIARIES: Anemic + Thinning Hair

As I was sitting here at my desk editing photos I realized I had not done a Gray Diaries hair update for the month of March. I do apologize… I have gotten distracted with a few things, one of them being Anemia. I recently found out that I am anemic and my mother is too, she has been since her 30’s.

Last year my routine physical blood work came back slightly anemic. My doctor told me to start taking iron, I should have listened. I did try, but the iron gave me the worst stomach aches so I quit taking it and totally forgot all about it, until two weeks ago, when I had this years physical. Evidently the slight anemia has become pretty severe. But no worries, I have an iron transfution on Monday which should get my levels right back to where they need to be.  I just have to take iron from now on, no more putting it off. Other then that the doc said the rest of my blood work looked AMAZING. Cause – well the girl thing – my cycle, it happens to a lot of women. Moral of the story, if your doc tells you to start taking iron, its a good idea to do it:)

Due to the Anemia I have noticed my hair shedding so much more in the last few months making it look thinner and older. Growing out gray + thinking hair is not fun. Another challenge on this journey. But the nurses who work with my doc assured me that once we get my iron is back up the hair shedding will stop, my hair will most likely grow faster and my nails will be strong again… so many good things. My doctor is a guy so he did not mention these pluses but the lady nurses in his office brought then up right away.

April 27th will mark my 6 month point, I am so excited! As you can see I am not 100% gray there is still some light brown in there but I am about 50%.- 60%. The front is coming in so much lighter then the back which I love as well. I have picked up a few tips to share.

Horn Photography & Design Gray2-001

Gray Hair Tips To Keep Away The Going Gray Blues:
1. Take a one a day vitamin – I like mine to be as organic as possible so I buy Garden of Life Vitamin Code Liquid Multivitamin Formula Fruit Punch. Vitamins help keep you strong and healthy leaving you with healthy beautiful hair too.

2. Take time to do your hair each day. Gray hair takes just as much work as the hair you once died, maybe even more. To keep it looking good, strong and healthy we have to maintain it. This means trimming it, using a great shampoo + conditioner for your hair type and styling your hair in the morning. All of these things will help you fight the urge to color it again.

3. Change up how you wear your hair. If you usually part on the side, part down the middle. Wear it up every few days for a change, pinterest has some great ideas.

4. Change your wardrobe colors. I have noticed that I now look better in black, grays, navy blues, deep burgundy and white. I still wear beige every now and then but I always add a scarf with deep colors to make by eyes and hair pop.

5. When styling your new beautiful two toned hair use a heat protectant + a hydration spray too keep it shiny and damage free.

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