December 8, 2015

The Gray Diaries: Going Gray Gracefully

I recently received some questions about my gray hair, a few peeps saw our annual family photos and noticed that my gray hair was not showing as much. They thought I had dyed my hair again… I assure you I have not:) I am actually loving the transition so far. For some strange reason the white roots do not bother me a bit. This photo is my growth so far, about 2.5 – 3 months so far since my roots started to show.

Horn Photography + Desing Self Portrait-007

On the other hand, for the family photos, I did not want to draw attention to myself + not all my family members are as excited about the change as I am, if you know what I mean. So to appease the masses (until it grows out enough) I have a master plan for Going Gray Gracefully. My original plan was to go to the salon in January to have gray highlights beautifully placed throughout my hair. But right now my hair feels amazingly soft from not dying it anymore, so I no longer have the heart to bleach the heck out of it to get the gray highlights. Which leads me to plan B.

Plan B Going Gray Gracefully

I guess you can say that Going Gray Gracefully was always the plan, yet finding out what that looked like for me was the challenge.

While my hair is between 2 – 4 inches of grow out I will be using Mineral Fusion Hair Care – Gray Root Concealer, as you can see from the family photos it works like a charm (just a hint of gray showing).  I love to use it when we are shooting weddings, again I don’t want the attention on my hair,  I want it to be on our bride + her groom.

Horn Photography + Desing Holliday 3 Family2-043

Once I hit about the 4-5 inch mark I am thinking it will be much more difficult to use the Mineral Fusion Hair Care – Gray Root Concealer with my longer hair. If this proves to be the case I will be enlisting the help of extensions for a few months to soften the look of my new growth. The amazing news is that gray hair is totally trending right now so gray and silver extensions are everywhere.

So thats were I am at right now. If you growing your gray out with me, just remember… YOU GOT THIS! if you have any questions along the journey feel free to ask away, I will answer them as best I can.

P.s. Tampa just had to get in the photos… and she is a complete camera hog when she does. I imagine her saying “Oh who me, your taking a photos of Moi.”

Horn Photography + Desing Self Portrait-018


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  1. Toni Lanzone says:

    Hello There!

    I can across your blog while searching for others who are ditching the dye! I myself am 80 days in – and LOVING IT! I turned 40 in December and my natural hair – once black – is now mostly white!

    I applaud you! Keep going!! I am too!!

    • admin says:

      Awe Toni thank you so much my silver sister! So excited that your 80 days in. I am going on just over a year now. I am thinking it will take 2 or three years with the length of my hair and I am trying to grow it longer at the same time.

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