The Process + Change

As Brandon and I look at our 5 year plan we know that moving forward and growth requires change. Change for most is a scary thought, after all we are creatures of habit, I get it…IT’S COMFORTABLE. But when we have hit a rut or need to grow change is sometimes the best thing we can do. Learning to change ourself. I, for one, LOVE change. Brandon thinks I’m insane with how comfortable I am with change. To me changes is like a new relationship or a new song. Add in faith, hope and love in to that change and you have something amazing. Change can be the  you have been looking for. A “Walk to Remember” sort of speak.

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When I stop to think about when I became comfortable with change, I’m pretty sure it goes back to when I was in grade school. From K-5th I was a huge nerd to say the least. I absolutely dreaded school. Everyday I walked into school feeling sick to my stomach and looking at my toes. It was sad. Then with three simple words my life changed for the best “we are moving”. RESCUE!!

It was like Christmas coming early. In my 5th grade brain I automatically thought this is my chance to become someone different. To change how others see me. I was beyond elated. Which obviously made my parents so excited because they thought I would respond as most kids do, with being upset and angry. And guess what; it worked. I changed myself and therefore changed the outcome of my life.

We moved over the summer and I decided to walk into a new school my 6th grade year with my head held high, full of joy and smiles. I used the opportunity to change who I was. How I presented myself, how I interacted with others and how I looked at life. The other kids loved me, I fit in, I was popular. My faith and hope was restored. It was AMAZING! It was my “Walk to Remember”! Now I also have to add in that the popularity was short lived. As we all entered junior high the popular clicks broke up. Everyone became awkward as we all went through growth spirts, acne and changes. But that short lived amazing 6th grade year was all my little heart and soul needed to set me on the track to confidence and the knowledge to know that change is AMAZING!

So if you are in a time of you life that calls for a big change, EMBRACE IT! If you’re in a rut whether it be with work, relationships or life in general remember that changing yourself will change the world.

A few steps I took to change myself were:

1.) I thought about what I liked about myself as a person first

2.) Then I figured out what flaws I did not like about myself

3.) I took my flaws and brainstormed on how I wanted to change them

4.)Then I set out to make that change happen

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