We Love

We love.

We love each other.

We love life.

We love photography.

We love our family, our friends, our home, our dogs and the list goes on! As a couple we know what it takes to live a love story. In 2009 we said our vows of FOREVER. Our journey has not been easy and the path sometimes hard to find, yet every moment has been worth it. This may sound cheesy, but one of our favorite things to do is grab a glass of wine, turn the lights down low and look through the photos from our wedding day. There is just something about it that stirs the romance up.

Horn Photo-Design-0001

We have both been photographers for over 10 years. Photography is our passion and our art. Our business blossomed in January 2010 right after we got married. This is an adventure we have decide to take together; an adventure to capture the hearts of all who love.

As you parooz our website, blog and facebook you will quickly notice that I do all of the posting and blogging. For the most part, I run the business end of things and I am the main editor too. I posses a degree in Computer Science from the International Academy of Design and Technology. What does that mean, right? This means that I am a professional trained Graphic Designer and Photographer. My first two years of school focused on Graphic Design and my last two years focus on incorporating the skills of Photography into the world of Graphic Design. What did I do with my training? For five years I produced everything from business cards to billboards. The second five years I designed and produced a huge national product catalog. Now, I am your personal photographer with experienced skills!

How does Brandon fit into the picture? He knew my dream of having our own business right from the get go. You can say my main dream was to work while chilling at the beach! So, Brandon did what any amazing husband would do, he took my hand and said, “I will defend you, support you, love you, help you, be there for you and take the first step on an adventure with you”. While I was still working for someone else Brandon put together all the paper work, official document, filled out forms, copyrighted our logo, got us a business license, etc… He then came to me and said it is ours. I have taken care of everything we need and our adventure begins today (that was in 2010). He handed the rains to me and said “live the dream my love”.

Brandon calls himself my other half¬†shooter, I call him the yin to my yang. His eye is so creative and his love and passion for the perfect shot, with the perfect light, no matter the conditions is outstanding. He is clever, witty and makes all our clients laugh, giggle and feel extremely comfortable. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to capturing moments of God’s Glory through photography. We have been blessed with the gifts and talents to capture the true beauty that exists in the heart. It is in those moments of joy that we see and experience a glimpse of the amazing grace to come.

We want to capture the beautiful heart and joy that only you posses. The moments that make your heart dance and love fill the air. With God’s Grace we will capture His Glory in you!

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

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